Get To Know Our Woman Crush This Week – Nicole Derseweh!

Name: Nicole Derseweh
Nicole Derseweh (IG: nicolederseweh) is a world-class vegan chef with a culinary background from Le Cordon Bleu and comes from a long heritage of family chefs
Nicole Derseweh is a world-class vegan chef with a culinary background from Le Cordon Bleu and comes from a long heritage of family chefs. She is building a worldwide, conscious media empire to inspire vegan newbies with her inspiring and entertaining YouTube channel as one of the cornerstones. You can currently experience her creations at high-end events and exclusive pop-up dinners in and around the Los Angeles area. She has recently appeared on the Cooking Channel as well as many publications such as VegNews,Thrive Magazine and Citizine.
Her innovative and delicious plant-based creations consistently impress even the most skeptical critics. She is hardworking, professional and extremely creative. Her passion is to share the love, excitement and compassion of vegan living through decadent dishes that persuade even the most ardent meat lovers to smile in delight.
This vegan socialite is delightfully quirky and refreshingly off beat as she innocently blurts out truths like a little kid saying the most unexpected things. She’s effortlessly funny – a “big sister” type who deeply values close friendships and family. She has a fierce warrior heart to match her skills in the kitchen and is not afraid to throw down and get dirty in the name of fitness. In essence, she’s the vegan love child of Rachel Ray and Louis CK!
We love Nicole because she is a superstar vegan chef in our eyes! In fact, we consider her the vegan love child of Rachel Ray and Louis CK!  Most importantly, she understands the importance of making other’s lives easier by making sure her temple is properly nourished. As such, she shared three ways that she practices self-love.
Read them below!
1. I add a little bit of rosewater to my water bottle daily because drinking rose water makes me feel like a princess!
2.  I take myself on nature dates usually doing sunset hikes with the dogs ,taking in the gorgeous views smiling and giggling out loud because I’m grateful to be alive.
3. OK… this one silly but I’ve been doing it since I’m a kid so I’m just not going to stop ever. Sometimes I sneak kisses to myself…even if I’m in conversation with somebody! 😂  If I’m curled up on the couch I might just quickly smooch the top of my knee, or sometimes I turn my head to the side and give myself a little kiss on the shoulder.. it is funny but it always makes me smile. 

Get To Know Our Duo Man Crush Monday AND Women Crush Wednesday – Max and Liz

This week, we’re doing things a bit differently! We have combined #MCM and #WCW to highlight this week’s faves – Max and Liz!

Name: Max and Liz

Max and Liz (IG @maxandlizacro) use yoga and asana as tools for delving deeper into oneself and transcending the physical body. As an extension of this, they use Acroyoga to build deep connections, trust, and community. This helps students tune into the energy and flow of life and others. Max and Liz bring an intense passion that stems from their desire to reveal everyone’s interconnectedness. They never compromises safety, encouraging students to respect their boundaries by listening to their bodies. This ultimately creates a safe environment where students (Max and Liz included) can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In the midst of all of their work, they still find time to practice self-love. As such, they shared three ways that they practice self-love below.

1. Positive affirmations in the mornings

2. Fruit smoothies daily (for all the good fruity vibes)

3. Practicing yoga to cleanse physically, emotionally, spiritually ⠀

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