3 Essential Vegan Items for Your Pantry

3 Essential Vegan Items for your Pantry
3 Essential Vegan Items for your Pantry

One of the most exciting things about living a plant-based, vegan lifestyle is that there are so many colorful, delicious foods and recipes to play around with. Before you do so, it is very important to make sure you are stocked up on the proper food items, however, whether you are vegan or not, you know that deciding on what to get for your pantry isn’t always the easiest task.

Whether you have been a vegan for a while or are considering becoming one in the future, here are three essential and versatile vegan items that you must have in your pantry:


What is so great about beans is that they are an excellent source of plant-based protein and there are so many kinds to choose from! Whether you stock up on black beans, kidney beans, butter beans or pinto beans, there is always something you can create with them. They are easy to prepare and are extremely nourishing to your body. Just simply add beans to rice, throw in a few vegetables and you’ll have yourself a comforting meal.


PETA refers to quinoa as a “superfood” and they are exactly right! Not only is quinoa another great source of protein, it is packed with so many nutrients like calcium and iron that our body needs to maintain solid health.

The list for vegan essentials can go on and on, however, these three items are great to have because they can be used in countless ways. What are some of your vegan pantry essentials? Let us know!

The Best Beginner Tips for Veganism

If you’ve recently made the decision to go vegan, congratulations! Sometimes taking that first step can be the most difficult part of the journey, however, we can assure you that this is a transition you will be grateful for making.

When you first make the switch, things can feel pretty overwhelming to say the least. You might not know where to start or have a clear idea of what things you should eat and what you shouldn’t, but don’t panic; we’re here to help you. With time, you’ll find yourself getting creative in the kitchen and discovering new recipes and meals that will excite you!

Here are some of my best beginner tips for veganism that will make the start of your vegan journey run smoothly.

Do Your Research

With sites like Google and YouTube right at our fingertips, there are thousands of websites and documentaries available to educate yourself on veganism.

This tip is essential as doing your research will allow you to discover the core foods and nutrients that your body needs, provide you with new recipes and ideas for meals, familiarize yourself with healthy and/or harmful ingredients to look out for, and so much more.

With veganism, you can never educate yourself enough! If you are curious or have a question about something, try looking it up! You’ll almost always be able to find the answer.

Start with Alternatives 

As a beginner to a vegan diet, it’ll take some time before you start to utilize your own cooking and recipes to replace your favorite previously loved non-vegan meals.

An easy way to ease into veganism without completely ridding yourself from some of your favorite meals is to purchase vegan alternatives and substitutes. If you’ve always loved burgers, swap out a meat burger for a veggie burger. If you’ve always loved milk, try out almond, coconut or soy milk and determine which one you like best!

While I don’t recommend you rely too heavily on vegan-based alternative foods that contain a lot of soy as you move forward in your vegan diet, it is a great starting point to get you moving along. If you decide to go along with this step, don’t forget to sustain yourself with plenty of whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables alongside the alternatives that you choose to eat!

Find a Partner

Whether this be a family member or a friend in person or online, find someone who can support you and possibly even embark on this brand new journey with you! Whomever this friend may be, they might be able to provide you with some additional knowledge on veganism that you may not have even been aware about.

Having a partner in general is a great way to gain some extra support and motivation when it comes to lifestyle switches such as this one.

Stay Prepared 

One of the downsides to being vegan is that not every place or situation accommodates the vegan diet. Always be prepared to deal with a lack of vegan options whether you are going out to eat with a friend or attending a meeting.

It’s important to make sure you have some snacks like nuts, fruit or energy bars with you whenever you come across moments like these!

Be Patient

When starting out as a vegan, patience is key. It’ll take some time before you master determining what is vegan and what isn’t or how to perfect certain recipes to your liking, however, if at any point you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up over it!

Just with everything else that we do, practice makes perfect. In no time you’ll become a master of the vegan diet and with these tips, I hope you’ll now have a solid foundation as you get started. Best of luck!

Koya Webb’s Top 10 Indie Beauty Expo Picks

The Indie Beauty Expo is an incredible curation of some of the leading + up and coming brands in clean beauty and skincare. This year was full of buzz, beauty, and good energy.

Below you will find some of my favorite picks. They were my top picks that are vegan, organic, cruelty-free & eco-friendly. I believe that the choices that we make and the products that we shop for go a long way in healing ourselves and our earth. From the cleanest and most activating ingredients to products with a mission, here are my top 10 picks from this year’s Indie Beauty Expo 2018…

  1. Woodlot – Flora Candle

It’s so important to make sure we are burning and using clean candles in our home. Made ethically and with intention, The Woodlot flora candle has notes of lavender, bergamot and cedar and is one of the best I’ve seen on the market. With a burn up to 40 hours, flora is petroleum, phthalate, synthetic, fragrance and GMO-free. Many other companies use those and other harmful toxins and chemicals, so you definitely want to read the label and full ingredient list. The presentation is also gorgeous – all white, clear glass with a stroke of gold foil on the side. My kind of style.

  1. Woodlot – Palo Santo

Named, ‘Holy Wood’, these sacred sticks are native to shamanic rituals in South America. It is one of the oldest cleansing techniques in the world. This brand uses sustainably sourced wood from fallen branches of Ecuadorian trees. Prepare to be captivated and taken away by its powerful scent and grounding effects.

  1. Ranavat – Mighty Majesty Hair Serum

This luxurious serum is an excellent addition to your hair-care routine! With delicious notes of jasmine and amla, you can add a few drops to your hair, either wet or dry, for extra shine. You can also use it on your face and body. It’s a multi-use product that adds an extra glow. You can also carry it around day to day in your handbag for your glowy pick-me-up. Instead of using harsh fragrances, I can use this oil for a beautiful, feminine scent, extra shine, and smooth skin.

  1. Pangea Organics – Basil

Essential oils can be incredibly powerful for healing your body and changing your emotional state. The basil scent is fresh, bright and earthy. The ingredients were harvested with intention in Egypt. High in linalool, this naturally occurring terpene has been known to have anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving effects. Also supportive to the respiratory system, this basil oil can be used in organic DIY household cleaning products so that you end up inhaling the healthy oils and cleaning your space all at the same time. A perfect win-win situation.

  1. Girl Undiscovered– Crystal Cleansing Water

So light and refreshing (also happens to a gorgeous bottle with citrine and rose quartz crystals inside)! You can use this daily to rehydrate your skin and for pre-washing with your cleanser. The wild island kanuka honey and Balinese virgin coconut oil infused water removes makeup and acts as a super clean toner. Simply divine!

  1. Girl Undiscovered – Organic Face Elixir

Dewy golden goodness! This elixir contains healing calendula, bergamont, argan and raspberry seed oils that are very good for the skin. It’s got a bright and uplifting feel, great for your AM wake up routine. It also contains anti-bacterial properties, which can help to protect your skin. My new skincare crush!

  1. Girl Undiscovered– Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask

So unique and earthy! The active ingredient Thanaka Tree Bark and Kanuka Honey make for a very interesting experience. It definitely activated and tingled my face upon my first use. It has the granules from the tree bark, which help to exfoliate the face. It was activating and very clarifying. Definitely worth a try!

  1. Real Her – Girl Power Lipstick “Deep Mauve”

Gorgeous color and packaging! This cruelty-free line is lovely and donates 20% of their profits to programs that empower women and girls. I love mission-oriented products. This is a great way to support programs that you care about and also take part in some self-care and self-love all at the same time. This is a classic color you can wear 24/7.

  1. Laki Naturals – White Tea & Ginger Soap

Gorgeous with gold and scents that make you feel like you’re on a tropical island, I fell in love with the Laki Naturals handcrafted soap. It’s so important to use clean soap bars because everything we put onto our body gets absorbed into the bloodstream. This beautiful and luminous bar contains olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and the shimmery gold mica. Great for display as well as for function in any bathroom.

  1. Marie Natie – “Lust” Lipgloss

A classic dark and rich red lipgloss that’s also great for an extra shine, Marie Natie was a great find at the expo. This gloss has some of the best and most nourishing ingredients around such as jojoba, cocoa butter, vitamin E, grape seed oil, lavender oil, carrot seed oil, and coconut oil. You get the real shine on your lips without any toxic or harsh chemicals. So good, you won’t miss your old ways.


photos by Alexa Gray 


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