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What’s Your Personal Mission?

What is it that makes you different from everyone else? What is your unique gift for this world?

We are all born with something that makes us special. Some of us directly connected with that magic since we are kids and already know how to share our gift, while others take some time to find it through trial and error.

The most important thing: never stop looking for it or doubting it is there, because I can assure you it is for everyone brave enough not to give up.

So, how do I discover my mission you may ask?

Start getting in touch with yourself, what you like to do and what you are good on doing, and do more of that. Be it painting, growing your own farm or being around children. Look for those things that, when you do them, time just flies by.

That’s when you know you have found the real deal.

And once you have found it, use it to help others and to fulfill yourself. If you focus on making money straight from the beginning, you will be doing it from a place of lack, not abundance. So you just have to focus on giving selflessly in order to receive. If you always expect something in return, you will probably get nothing or less than you expect.

That’s why the most effective way is to be grateful for what you already have and share your love for something in a limitless way. Whatever you put out into the universe, the universe will bring it back to you one way or another.

Stay Connected

When was the last time you stayed open for new connection opportunities?

It’s pretty possible that amazing people came into your life thanks to that. That’s why it’s important to always look out to connect with others. Don’t be afraid of the people around you for they may hold awesome opportunities you could only dream of. A job, a friendship, a romance, you name it!

Sometimes we are afraid to seek out connection because it forces us to be vulnerable and risk getting hurt. But you know what they say – no risk, no fun. If you don’t expose yourself, you will be safe of bad things happening to you – but you also won’t experience the good ones.

Connection is what makes us human and we all need it from time to time. It helps us grow and mature.

If you don’t remember the last good connection you felt with someone, there is a small secret to help you get new and deep connections.

Start by connecting with yourself!

When your life and beliefs are all in line, when you are living the life you desired, you have a special connection with yourself. And others who are in the same frequency, will start entering your life in a natural way.

If you feel like you are only making connections with rather unhealthy people, that means you are not in touch with yourself  — and in a low frequency. You don’t want that. Work on raising your frequency by doing the things you love, meditating and being grateful. Step by step, your life will start falling into place and the true and powerful connections will start to happen 🙂

Nutrition 101

How do you chose to fuel your body?

In the past I studied with IIN researching the worlds most popular diets to see why they work and don’t work. With all the research I’ve done, for my optimal health and the health of our planet, I chose to enjoy a vegan plant based diet.

In the beginning, this journey was NOT easy. As a southern athlete I ate everything that was put in front of me. My mom cooked at home so I consumed less processed food until I went to college where I put the “freshman 15” to shame with a whopping 25lb weight gain.

I was also an athlete so most of the weight was muscle but I started to experience health issues because of the quality of
food I was consuming.

When I stopped eating processed food I saw my health increase dramatically. When I started eating more fruits and veggies I saw another improvement.

Finally when I decided to go completely vegan the amount of energy, vitality and clarity I continue experience daily blows my mind. I don’t feel bloated and my days are much more productive since I only need to sleep like about 6 hours to feel fresh again.

How are you holding up these 28 days being a vegan?

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