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Name: Jonny Juicer

Juicing was what originally sparked my whole journey all together when I stumbled upon Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead in 2012. Up until that point from a very young age I had suffered from an assortment of gut issues as well as chronic migraines. After seeing the powers of plant based nutrition through incorporating juicing daily without even changing my diet, I didn’t stop there and became passionate about learning more.

I went vegetarian in 2013 after reading the China Study and in March of 2013 went vegan. Through every step I was feeling better and better to where I challenged myself to go raw in New Years 2014. Besides a few juice fasts over the last few years all the migraines that hampered me all my life as well as gut issues are a memory. Veganism changed not just my physical health but my mental, emotional and spiritual as well. Throughout my journey I’ve also become a health coach with the mission to help spread the word as well as empower and guide people on their journeys.

Here are 3 Ways That I Practice Self-Love

  1. Juicing DAILY to nourish my body
  2. Getting out in nature, meditating and getting connected nourishing my mind and spirit, and
  3. Getting to the gym to work on the physical body

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