Part 1: Discovering Self Love

Part 1: Discovering Self Love 

People often look at my Instagram and assume that I have it all together. The truth is, just like a lot of people, self-love hasn’t always been easy. It’s a practice I consciously work at each day. For the first time in my Getting Loved Up column, I wanted to share a bit more about my journey and the practices that have helped me find self-love. Yoga, meditation and plant based eating are key ingredients in my self-love practice.

I wasn’t always the yogi you see on social media. When I first started yoga, I couldn’t even touch my toes! It started in college, when I injured myself from running track and field. Before my injury, I pushed myself to work as hard as I possibly could to be the best on the field. I would push myself past my body’s limits, but when I got injured, my body forced me to slow down. It was really hard for me to do that at first – I didn’t know life without track and field. A school counselor recommended I try yoga, and that’s how I started my yogic journey…

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