The Importance of Hydration (& My Special “Dirty Water” Recipe!)

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How many of you have experienced the uncomfortable symptoms of dehydration? When dehydrated, we tend to feel a bit sluggish, our skin may be drier than normal, we might develop a headache or even feel a bit lightheaded or faint.

With how much we move our bodies doing our daily activities like exercising or just going from one place to the next, we lose a lot of fluids making it important that we keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated is what keeps our bodies functioning properly!

Aside from diminishing signs of dehydration, there are so many additional health benefits that staying hydrated has.

It keeps your skin looking fresh and radiant

When you aren’t hydrating your body with water, your skin becomes more dull, dry and retains less elasticity than it should with enough water in your system. Hydrating your body with water will make your skin look even in complexion as well as more glowy and plump.

Cleanses your body of toxins

Your kidneys have a special job of using water to diminish any waste that is stored in your body, but in order to do this efficiently, the kidneys need a lot of water and hydration. Ensuring that your body is flushing out any toxins in your body is important for optimal health.

Aids in weight loss

Aside from removing waste, hydrating your body with water helps boost your metabolism and shed water weight, helping with weight loss. A quick tip to help boost your metabolism first thing in the morning is by drinking a glass or bottle of cold water before you eat.

Helps muscles perform better

Water is something that can give you more energy. When you are hydrated, your body functions at its best as the amount of toxins in your body are being flushed out of your system. This works for every aspect of your body including the muscles and joints. Your body’s performance is greatly improved with proper hydration.

Aids digestion

Water allows for your body to absorb all the nutrients from the food that you consume. At the same time, it breaks down food to make the digestion process run smoother. This is why it is important to make sure you are providing whole foods to your body!

The power that water holds is astonishing. The list of benefits could certainly go on, but I hope you always remember to hydrate your body as it can easily get lost in your daily routine especially if you tend to have a busy schedule.

With that being said, I want to share my “Dirty Water” Recipe that is ideal for:

-Staying hydrated

-Improving weight loss.

-Maintaining regular bowel movements.

-Strengthening your immune system.

-Reducing headaches.

-Preventing cramps.

Click here to check out my quick and easy IGTV tutorial that shows you how to make this “dirty water” that will hydrate your body and do SO much more.

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