The Benefits of Crystals

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There are many crystals that you’ve probably heard of throughout your lifetime. Some common crystals include: quartz, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, and more. What makes each crystal unique is that they all have the ability to heal and tend to our individual needs.

Sometimes talking about the benefits of crystals can be difficult because there is a lot of skepticism that surrounds whether or not they truly do what they have been told to do.

As someone who has been using crystals for years, I can say that if you truly open your heart and soul up to them, they can perform endless wonders for your mental and physical health. I want to share some of the benefits of crystals that I have personally experienced with you as a way to encourage you to experience them as well.

Provides a Boost of Energy

Having enough energy is so important for us to get through busy days and to continually stay productive. Bloodstone is a crystal that is able to do this by helping remove anything that fills our mind that is preventing us from experiencing positive energy. As a result, we will feel more enthusiastic and confident to take on our days with this crystal.

Allows Us To Give and Acquire Love

Uniting together and spreading love is something I truly believe is going to change this world. With more love in this world, we are able to make the world a much better place. Rose quartz is an excellent crystal to awaken our hearts in order to give and receive love. This crystal encourages us to walk away from the things that have hurt us in the past in order to move forward and live a wonderful life.

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

It is important to find ways that work best for you to alleviate any anxiety and stress in your life as it can be detrimental to your mental, physical and spiritual health. One of my go-to ways of doing this is by going to my blue lace agate crystal. Whenever I feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety or stress, I take this crystal with me wherever I go and even incorporate it into my mediation practices. This crystal emits serene, soothing energy that always does the job of easing my mind.

Boosts Creativity

As someone who relies heavily on creativity to carry out my visions and plans, it can really get difficult sometimes to crank out unique ideas daily. To help with this, I love to keep my carnelian stone with me. Just simply looking at the stone allows my mind to reveal its best ideas. The colors emit lots of positive energy and promote the confidence that I need to allow me to take pride in my ideas and share them with others.

Are you fascinated by crystals and do you use them regularly in your everyday life? I would love to hear about your favorites and how they have been beneficial to you!

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