Podcast: EP 28 Access Ancient Wisdom and Cultivate Spiritual Awareness with DeAnna Carpenter

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Hi, love. Thank you for spending your time with me today.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about two essential things that I value in my life —wisdom and spirituality.

We all want to matter in this world. We work for our families, donate blood to strangers, or invest ourselves in long-term relationships. We aim to make a difference in others’ lives. But there are those moments when we sit with ourselves and ask, “Is this really what we’re made for? Or is there anything else that life can offer?”

My guest for today is someone who’s deeply in touch with her soul’s desires, and the wisdom residing within that allows her to live a life of faith, love, and kindness. Aside from that, she’s also an excellent singer and healer. I first heard her singing at the Agape Spirituality Center and was deeply captivated by her angelic voice. I’m honored to welcome DeAnna Carpenter on the Get Loved Up podcast.

In this interview, Deanna shares how anyone can access their ancient wisdom to overcome their darkest fears and heal from pain. We are also going to discuss ways to cultivate one’s spirituality. DeAnna’s story is compelling, and I know that it’ll transform your life the way it did mine.

Who Is Deanna Carpenter?

DeAnna Carpenter is a versatile songwriter, lyricist, and author, conveying life through art. As a trained musician, she plays the harp, clarinet, and piano. Artists such as Amel Larrieux, Prince, Carly Simon, Minnie Riperton, Stevie Wonder, and Sade influence her sound, which transcends genres and eras. With fluid originality, DeAnna hopes to give people something they can genuinely feel.

As a native of Detroit, DeAnna credits the city’s culture and history as one of her biggest musical influences. She draws on her years in the Cass Tech High School Marching Band and Florida A&M University “Marching 100” band to create music with a full-band and feel-good sound.

DeAnna has performed as a background singer for national and international recording artists, Ugochi and the Afro Soul Ensemble and collaborates with J. Mosley and the JME AllStars. She currently resides in Los Angeles and is the chief engineer of her brand and company’s inspiration, She Who Builds LLC.

Though it may seem that DeAnna was destined to be a singer, her early experience was far from that. Her love for music was cultivated by her aunts, uncles, and people in their church, but her mom and stepfather had other plans for her. 

“I remember telling my family, particularly my parents, about a possible music career. My mom told me there is really no career in music. She told me that it was a tough market to break into. So when she told me that, ‘There’s no future in that path,’ I just agreed with her.” – DeAnna Carpenter

For a while, DeAnna kept singing to the side. She went to college and competed in talent shows. She was even in a sorority and became their songbird. By the time she graduated and started working as a copywriter, she thought her singing career was over, but she would have college friends who would call on her to sing for their weddings. 

Two defining moments gave DeAnna the courage to follow her dreams.

“I saw the father of my childhood friend. He asked me what I was up to, and I told him I was working for a newspaper. He was surprised, so I asked him, ‘Why?’ He told me that I was supposed to be singing. I didn’t see him again after that until I learned about his passing. That was haunting.The other moment was when my grandmother passed away. She was one of those people who really encouraged me to sing. I was singing at her funeral, and I remember feeling as if something within me opened up. There was this powerful wave of energy that just took over me and consumed me.”– DeAnna Carpenter

When she was in India, a pivotal moment made her realize that she needed to honor her gift. 

“I was called to sing for some villagers in India. I did the first verse of Amazing Grace. They didn’t understand what I was singing, but I know they felt it. That’s when it hit me that music really transcends language. It really speaks to the heart” – DeAnna Carpenter

From then on, DeAnna decided to stop sleeping on her talent. She got in touch with a friend who launched her album in another state. Ten months later, DeAnna found herself as a backup singer, and her dream continued to build from there.

I remember listening to DeAnna for the first time. Her voice was so angelic, and up till now, I get chills just thinking about it. I’m so excited to share her journey. This is truly an episode of the Get Loved Up podcast you wouldn’t want to miss.

Healing from Pain

DeAnna’s journey to honoring her gift inspired me. Singing was also my passion, but it was a source of pain for my particular situation. In Deanna’s experience, working on her album, Tsunami, helped her heal her pain.

“I was in some relationships that weren’t necessarily loving, but I learned a lot from them. I also had to heal the relationship with my father, who had passed when I was eight. I didn’t even realize that I was upset at him for leaving me. These were the abandonment issues I had to work through — All of which were playing out in my intimate relationships.” – DeAnna Carpenter

Despite the break-up, DeAnna clung to her relationship of almost five years. It felt like she was trying to prove herself to her former boyfriend that she was all he needed and that she was worthy of his attention and love. Eventually, she realized the true reason why she couldn’t let go. It came from her little eight-year-old self, who was still deeply wounded when her father left her.

“I finally let that go. As soon as I did, many opportunities started opening up, especially with music. I finally said to myself, the next day isn’t promised. Each day and moment that I’m here means I’m another moment closer to transitioning.” – DeAnna Carpenter

From then on, DeAnna started her career working with music producers she met through her mutual and high school friends. When she finally found healing from her father’s loss, she heard her inner voice whispering ever more steadily that music was the path for her. 

I listen daily to DeAnna’s album. It’s vibrant and beautiful. You can easily tell that she put a lot of your heart and soul into it. Her story about letting herself heal from past pain is a reminder that only we can stop ourselves from realizing our profound truths. By allowing yourself to heal, you can also step in and own your self-expression.

Overcoming Your Darkest Fears with Your Ancestors 

Letting yourself heal from pain is one way to access ancient wisdom. Sometimes, intense feelings hinder us from hearing the guide inside of us. ForDeAnna, she was only able to see the music industry as the path for her when she could heal herself from her abandonment issues. Aside from this, Deanna also emphasized the importance of overcoming fears to gain access to ancient wisdom.

“Trust that inner knowing and trust your gift. Trust that if you have that gift, there’s already means and resources and people in place to support it. This is the only way to get your gift activated. … Have faith in your gift because it is your greatest inspiration and muse.” – DeAnna Carpenter

Other people who can support your gift are your ancestors. DeAnna mentioned that the ancestral realm is a very important thing for her. She believes that our ancestors already see what’s ahead better than we can. But they stay within us, so it’s essential to connect with their wisdom. I asked DeAnna for suggestions on how to keep connected to them, and here was her response.

“It’s so simple. In my case, I connect with my father by writing him a letter. When I realized a pattern in my relationships, I wrote him a letter, and I apologized for being upset with him all this time. I told him that I wanted a relationship with him. He’s not here physically, but I know energy always lives on. So I know he’s still around, and he hears me.” – DeAnna Carpenter

It’s such a refreshing perspective to hear people who believe that relationships can transcend beyond the physical realm. I think that there’s a tendency for many of us to forget a loved one who has passed away. But they are always there — manifesting themselves in different ways. DeAnna sees it similarly, too.

“My father shows up in ways that I can feel that he’s around. It can be someone saying something fatherly, the hugs that I receive from people, and my music. … One thing I’ve learned is that our angels and ancestors are always around.” – DeAnna Carpenter

I think that we can agree that the death of a relative, parent, partner, child, or someone close to us is one of the darkest fears we all have. More than their physical presence, the feeling of losing their unconditional love or familiarity are the things we are most afraid to lose. But DeAnna reminded us that this shouldn’t be the way we look at things. She gave us more ways on how we can stay connected to our ancestors despite this physical separation. She also pointed out the benefit of the process.

“Connecting with our loved ones is like opening the door. We give them permission to be involved in our lives. The greatest way to invite them in is to ask for their help. … I call on the ancestors and angels because I know that they have my highest good at heart, and help and stuff start happening. Phone calls start, opportunities arrive.” – DeAnna Carpenter

I want you to stop and think about how you approach the death of a loved one. Do you allow yourself to grieve? Do you sink into denial and act as if nothing happened? Do you try to build relationships with them when they’re gone, or do you let their presence leave your life, too?

“We should realize that death is not final. It’s a door, and we still have access to our parents, siblings, and friends. What we only need to do is to invite them in because they’re there.” – DeAnna Carpenter

By keeping in touch with our ancestors, they can help us pay attention to our dreams. They will also communicate with us through little hunches and whispers, giving us healing. Including them in your meditative routine will ultimately transform your life and lead you to become more spiritually fulfilled. 

Cultivating Your Spirituality

Have you ever had that encounter when someone walks into the room, and you could feel their energy? Some people might give off that physical, energetic vibe, but I connect with people differently. And with DeAnna, it was undoubtedly a spiritual connection.

Despite growing up in a Baptist church, DeAnna’s journey to finding her spirituality was born out of attending meetings in different churches. She credited those experiences as eye-openers because she learned the difference between spirituality and religion. I love how she also uses the word “expanded” instead of “conversion” when she talks about this aspect of herself. 

Aside from these, DeAnna also shared her insights and personal experiences on how she cultivated her spirituality.


#1: Connect with Nature


DeAnna grew up in the Baptist faith; however, this does not stop her though to keep on exploring one denomination after the other. When she went to Wisconsin, she tried to find a church to join, but she was only greeted with disappointment.

“Wisconsin was dominated by the White population. I came from Detroit, so I really felt a culture shock. I couldn’t attend church. I ended up treating the Wisconsin River every Sunday as my church. I will be at the water, go sit in a tree, and I’ll just hear things that feel really good to my heart and soul. I started taking the Bible with me and read it there. I got a greater appreciation for the Bible. Eventually, I left Wisconsin, but that being one with nature never left me.” – DeAnna Carpenter

I also think that being with nature is one of the best ways to get to know ourselves on our deeper level. Nature gives us quiet time, which allows us to reflect on our decisions. It also allows us to better understand the connection between our feelings, words, and the lessons we encounter. 

“I remember our brother Ishmael in Agape. He always reminds us to treat our oneness through the perspective of nature. He would always say, ‘Find the evidence of your abundant nature.’ I started looking around and realized my abundance by looking at the single grain of corn, which when planted becomes a whole field.” – DeAnna Carpenter

What DeAnna said was mind-opening. By connecting with the earth’s gifts, we also open ourselves to another way of cultivating our spirituality through quiet time and mindfulness.


#2: Grow Your Knowledge


DeAnna not only loves music, but she also loves to read and write. Throughout our conversation, she mentioned multiple instances of how instrumental reading was for cultivating her spirituality.

“I once attended a meeting conducted by a progressive preacher. He was like, ‘You are a God; you come from God. Until that point, I believe that it was blasphemy to say you’re a god or try to claim it. But that man said it was such passion and authority. So then, I started looking at the Scriptures differently. It was indeed said in the scriptures, but it’s not often what’s taught. That again opened me up even more.” – DeAnna Carpenter

Another pivotal moment in her life that encouraged her to grow her knowledge was the first time she saw the 42 Laws of Maat.

“I volunteered for a summer camp in Chicago. I remember seeing on the walls 42 Laws of Maat, and I was curious. I started reading.” – DeAnna Carpenter

From there, she continued to learn more. She was able to read books like the Autobiography of a Yogi, A Separate Reality, The Celestine Prophecy, Sacred Woman, and The Secret, to name a few. These books seem different, not only in their titles but their approach of explaining, too. But, for DeAnna, they say the same things and the same core message — oneness.

Eventually, her love of knowledge brought her to the Agape Spiritual Center. She has been there through the years and has never felt more transformed and happier!


#3: Inculcate Self-Love


For DeAnna, when you realize that everything you do is about self-love, there’s really no way to convert from that.

“You know, when you love yourself, there’s no way you’re gonna harm the earth. There’s no way you’re going to hurt or say anything to other people. the more that you feel that you’re connected and at one with everything around you —the sun, the moon, the mountains. Self-love reminds us that like these things, we have our own expansiveness. We have our ability to reach high.” – DeAnna Carpenter

I agree entirely with DeAnna. We could develop a greater appreciation for the earth, fire, air, and water by realizing that we’re all connected. As DeAnna puts it, we all have a “sacred agreement” that makes life possible.


#4: Let Go of Your Reservations


2017 was the year of undoing for DeAnna. She was growing spiritually, but some things weren’t quite working — family situations, money, and even her relationships. Instead of ignoring all these adverse and painful emotions, DeAnna chose to acknowledge that she was hurt. 

“I was upset. I was frustrated. So I let myself curse, kick, and scream. Then once I felt like I acknowledged and honored it, I asked myself what’s true? I sometimes think with being spiritual, we forget that we can still have these negative experiences” – DeAnna Carpenter

By letting go of her reservations, DeAnna was able to express her anger and frustrations. This allowed her to be more in control of her consciousness, emotions, and actions. Though these moments might be suppressed by some, DeAnna considers them as a part of her soul curriculum.

“I had to experience those emotions. Because that allows me to fulfill what my soul wanted, which is to evolve in this lifetime.” – DeAnna Carpenter

Many people think that when you’re cultivating your spirituality, you’re already spared from feeling all these negative emotions, and you’re just filled with nothing but love. This is ideal, but this also makes the journey feel slightly intimidating for a lot of us. 

What we need to understand is the goal of spirituality is not perfection. It’s all about getting in touch with the deepest parts of yourself, whether it’s good or ugly. Once you achieve that, you’ll learn that you’re only a part of the world’s natural and energetic flow. 

Get Loved Up with DeAnna Carpenter

My conversation with DeAnna was not only filled with wisdom, but it was definitely powerful as well.  I feel infinitely grateful for having her with me today. She shared ways of accessing our ancient wisdom and cultivating our spirituality that will transcend time. So, don’t forget to watch the whole interview here.

If you’re interested in learning more about what she does, you can visit DeAnna’s website. She’s also on Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to check those out. Again, you can hear her magical voice by listening to her album Tsunami on iTunes, Deezer, and Spotify.

Before I leave, I would like to end with a few words from DeAnna,

“What you think is big for your life isn’t, and who you think you are, isn’t. There is more to you than you can imagine. Everything that you’ve experienced up until this point, and even what will come after, is for a very specific reason. You are so loved and adored by an infinite universe that only wants the best for you. You are supported every step of the way. All you have to do is ask for their help.” – DeAnna Carpenter

I hope that her words made you feel loved and moved too. If you do, please tag DeAnna @shewhobuilds, and me, @koyawebb, on Instagram with a screenshot of this episode and your favorite takeaways. We’ll definitely love to know that you’ve found this episode valuable.

Until next time, love — listen to the inner voice that resides within you. It’ll never go wrong. I love you all. 

Show Notes

  • DeAnna’s favorite song on her album (0:37)
  • What gave DeAnna the courage to pursue a career in music (5:03)
  • What happens when we let go of people or things that aren’t the best for us (11:09)
  • Advice for creating your own album or piece of art (13:31)
  • How to connect to your ancestors for guidance (15:44)
  • How spirit leads us to focus internally (19:36)
  • What it feels like to spiritually expand versus leave your faith (30:16)
  • How to process the hurricanes of your life (34:04)
  • The purpose of rage when channeled properly (35:45)
  • How to see yourself as a teacher while you are a student (40:25)
  • How to breathe through challenging circumstances (42:47)
  • What led DeAnna to go to Kemet (Egypt) and what she learned there (51:30)
  • How to practice gratitude for your body (1:05:15)

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