Podcast: EP 10 Manifestation, Energy Healing, and Spirituality with Millana Snow

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I am so excited to have you on today’s episode, love.

We are going to be looking at a rare and mystical side of spirituality. And with it, we will explore how one’s energy has the potential to heal and bring a positive change to the lives of others.

It’s not easy to train your mind, especially when considering your unique gifts! It is all the more difficult to understand and control such powers. But once you set your mind and beliefs to something, you allow it to manifest through you, and with it, you not only live a life of abundance yourself, but you also put yourself in a position to help others achieve fulfillment. 

Our guest tonight is someone who is a healer by nature and has carved a unique and modern path for her mission of deep healing and connection for everyone, everywhere — Millana Snow. And this is not the first time that I’ve met her! I once had her come in as a facilitator for a yoga teacher training, and the energy that we cultivated together for all the women in the room was nothing short of magical.

I hope for you all to feel and connect with Millana’s energy today, but before that, let’s get to know her a little bit more.

Who Is Millana Snow?

Millana Snow is a model, writer, TV host, reiki healer, and seeker of love and truth. She is a trusted source for expertise on wellness who caters to a global community of clients, celebrities, brands, followers, and even members of the royal family. Millana has studied religion and spirituality her whole life and is a leading voice in the wellness space in the US and abroad.

Millana has had brand partnerships with brands like Nike, Covergirl, Lululemon, YSL, and Toyota. Additionally, she has spoken at NYU, Summit LA, Soho House (New York, Los Angeles, London, Barcelona), BlogHer health, PopSugar Playground, and Syracuse University. Millana is also the winner of Project Runway and the winner of the ‘Best Travel + Adventure Show’ Webby Award.

Millana provides people with a safe space to share with love and understanding, as everyone is on their path to finding the meaning of life and discovering beauty. She has always had a calling to share her thoughts and experiences while also feeling a constant need to connect with a million other people on the planet who share a similar passion for a deeper purpose.

Now that we have all gotten to know Millana a little, it’s time to begin our conversation. I hope that through Millana’s life, thoughts, and experiences, you all will be able to feel a little lighter and healed by the end of this episode of the Get Loved Up podcast. Let’s begin!

Creating Your Reality With The Law of Attraction

Millana was always intrigued about her spiritual calling since she was a child. She would study reincarnation and other similar topics — she always had this spark in her to explore. This was when she was introduced to the new age theory of the law of attraction, so let’s see what she learned from her experience.

“Before I became an energy healer, … the number one thing I realized was that I was able to [identify with] synchronicity as a fact of my life. … You know, if I needed something really bad, then I would see it everywhere. … The school of thought … [behind] the law of attraction … was really cool. … You get to experiment with it, build your own relationships with it, and test it. … The second thing [I realized was] that I needed to look at my inner dialogue, [about] what I was telling myself, … [and how I carried myself]. … [The third thing would be] what I was visualizing … and projecting into my realm of possibilities.” – Millana Snow

So synchronicity, thought, and visualization were the major manifestors for Millana growing up. Manifestation and the law of attraction go hand in hand, and Millana goes on to explain how these two have played a part in turning herself into a brand.

“The journey to manifestation comes from curiosity. And I have the audacity to believe that I can make things happen for myself by curiously exploring them. I am always open to exploring and experimenting, but I am also protective of my mind, .heart, and spirit. I have boundaries. I work to be constantly in communication with my inner guiding spirit. And then once I know how I feel,  then I can make a different choice about the correlating thoughts and actions from that place. That’s my entry point to the law of attraction, … and living mindfully.”  Millana Snow

Just by paying attention to her feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, Millana was able to manifest her desires in her life. All this may sound easy, but it isn’t. We all want many things in life, but if we don’t feel that we deserve them, then that really affects how we manifest them. It takes a lot of practice to be able to understand one’s deepest desires and be able to manifest them out in the world. Millana herself uses techniques like breathing exercises and meditation to clear her mind and understand the deep feelings behind her desires, and from there, she goes on to realize them.

Energy Work: What It Means to Millana and How She Uses It

I have had a reiki session with Millana, and I know that energy work is not only real, but it is also very practical. Healing someone with energy is even more impressive than it sounds, and Millana has always been successful with this technique.

“The reason why I do energy healing is because of how it [changed] my life. … After receiving it … for the first time, … I was never the same. When people know that [they] have had a level of success, they also become energy healers or get to know their energy fields for themselves. Because I believe that everyone is a healer, I had this innate sense of healing inside me from a young age. And I am trying to help people see that everybody has access to heal themselves, they just need that permission slip.” – Millana Snow

Now that’s a powerful statement to make. Imagine if even half the world unlocked their power to heal; wouldn’t the world be a better place? Wouldn’t that put you in a position to also heal people around you and spread your energy? This sounds like the making of an ideal world to me. 

While one can heal in many forms, the technique that has my interest right now is reiki, and Millana gives us something to ponder over.

“Reiki is nothing but positivity. It doesn’t hurt anyone, it only adds to and heals. That’s what I always tried to put forward when I started with reiki. And now … it’s evolved into my expression of energy healing. What we do in reiki is that we focus on the seven main chakras or the energy centers that are connected to actual physical organs in our body. So one of the things with energy healing is that it’s the inverse of what you see. We start with the spiritual. I usually tend to wave my hand just over the body to eventually get to the mental and then the physical. When I feel that something is blocked, I just stay there and send my light because our natural state is to be fully in alignment with the source and spirit.” – Millana Snow

Millana feels that if we can mirror this way of being and just see ourselves and others in complete wholeness, then we actually will undergo a physical shift automatically. It’s the same case with animals. The effect that our pet dogs and cats have on us can be profound at times. That’s why people feel that animals are healers and that they even push positivity into our lives. It’s all about aligning your chakras to allow that transfer of positive energy.

Connecting With The World Beyond: The Spiritual & The Metaphysical

Many of us are often intrigued about the spiritual and the metaphysical world, and Millana tries to simplify how one can connect to these aspects of our existence.

“One of the things I have recognized is that our consciousness is always evolving. As we evolve and we do our part to hold ourselves in high integrity and high vibration, we start to evolve the entire human race. As you get to know your own energy field and you start to really cultivate the relationship with your physical, mental, and emotional … self, you just have to sit down with it and start practicing.” – Millana Snow

Once you start building a relationship with yourself, you will observe that it is constantly evolving and unfolding into new things and experiences. Putting your hand on your chakra, speaking to it, and listening, is the most gentle way of connecting with yourselves. Now let’s see how Millana cultivates her healing practice.

“Firstly,  I devote myself to practicing meditation every single day. And secondly, I lean on my community of healers and practitioners. We all need a community to work with people who can bring healing to the table that we may not have had the tools for previously. So, … I do a lot of work on myself all day, every day. At the same time, I come to people who know more than I do about certain aspects of life and healing so that they can support me to learn and expand more and to heal deeper. Money doesn’t have to be the reason why you don’t do this; you can make trades with people. You can offer value in different ways and manifest bringing in the right healers at the right time.” – Millana Snow

That’s a beautiful way of highlighting the power of a community of healers and facilitators to help you go deeper into your health. And with Millana’s message, it is clear that money should be the least of your concerns when pursuing energy healing. With enough practice, you can start manifesting things in life that you never thought were possible. All you need to do is start and continue with your practice without fail, and you will be able to reap the benefits when the time is right.

Get Loved Up With Millana Snow

This interview with Millana Snow has just pumped up my energy and positive feelings, and I can’t wait for you guys to go ahead and check out the complete episode here. If you want to know about chakras and their relevance, then continue to the link shared and watch the rest of the episode for a deeper understanding and better healing.

Millana’s life is full of valuable learnings and experiences, and if you want to know more about her work, then do check out her website here. And to follow Millana and learn how she lives a life of greater healing abundance, then do check out her presence on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Catch you soon again, love, with another inspiring episode of the Get Loved Up podcast. Till then, know that all the power in the world resides with you, and it’s up to you how you unleash all this potential.

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Show Notes

  • What Millana learned the most from her time as a Christian (5:02)
  • What prompted Millana to return to energy work (6:12)
  • How the law of attraction can be used to manifest what you want (9:31)
  • How to move through limiting beliefs (12:46)
  • Millana’s tips for doing har kundalini yoga (17:55)
  • Reasons to receive energy healing (19:50)
  • The basics of understanding the energy chakras in your body (24:35)
  • What you can do to align your energy chakras (28:44)
  • How to use tapping to support your health (29:55)
  • How we can attract magic synchronicities into our lives (36:30)
  • How to connect with the metaphysical spiritual world (42:37)
  • Tips for understanding your aura and how to work with it (45:37)
  • How Millana gets loved up (47:46)

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