Episode #91: Unlocking Your True Self with Kimberly Snyder

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Wellness visionary & inspirational speaker, author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, & Founder of The Get Loved Up Community. My core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness & eco-friendly living.

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” The true self is the stable, loving, courageous, creative, unique part of us… this is the source of unlimited creativity. So it’s from this well that we drink to create our best ideas, to access more wisdom.”

-Kimberly Snyder

Meet Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly Snyder is a nutritionist, entrepreneur and the multi-time New York Times best-selling author of The Beauty Detox series and Radical Beauty co-authored with Deepak Chopra. Snyder has quickly established herself as one of the most highly sought after lifestyle personalities with her unique, philosophy-driven approach to her expertise in health, wellness, nutrition, beauty and personal empowerment.

Snyder started her career as the go-to nutritionist for celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Kerry Washington and Fergie which later evolved into her own signature lifestyle brand (mysolluna.com). A dedicated and certified yogi, Snyder is an also an expert on Kriya and Vinyasa yoga practices, Ayurvedic Medicine, and is the creator of the Beauty Detox Power Yoga DVD series. Through all of her endeavors, Snyder empowers those around her to embrace their own uniqueness and authenticity, which she believes is key to unlocking true success.

Kimberly lives in the mountains outside of Los Angeles and Hawaii with her husband and sons.

In This Episode

In this episode of the Get Loved Up Podcast, Koya Webb welcomes Kimberly Snyder, a spiritual guide and meditation teacher, nutritionist and holistic wellness expert. Kimberly is the host of the top-rated Feel Good podcast and founder of Solluna®. She is the 3-time New York Times bestselling author of 5 previous books, and is due to publish her next book You Are More Than You Think You Are: Practical Enlightenment for Everyday Life. Kimberly shares the goal of her new book which is to teach readers how to connect with their true selves. She provides many practical ways people can access their true selves, from daily introspection and meditation, to managing the voice that always compares yourself to others. She talks about true beauty as a person’s degree to which they are connected to their true selves. Though there are many external sources that try to make you believe otherwise, true beauty radiates from within and is not external.

“Enlightenment is about looking past all the things, the beliefs that we’ve integrated, ingrained as truth without even examining and realizing that there’s a bigger part of who we are, the true self. There’s a much bigger part.” – Kimberly Snyder

Get Loved Up with Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly has been featured in dozens of national and international media outlets including Good Morning AmericaThe Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, Ellen, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Elle and Vogue and is an incredible resource for information as it pertains to holistic well being.

I hope you find an incredible amount of inspiration, and value, as I did, in what Kimberly shares with us in this episode. If so, please tag her @_kimberlysnyder, and I, @koyawebb, on Instagram with a screenshot of the episode and your favorite takeaways. Hearing about what you’ve learned from us, and what your favorite moments were, inspires us to continue making a positive impact in this world. 

Until next time, love yourself, love others, and love the world. One day at a time, one breath at a time. 


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  • 3:05 You Are More Than You Think You Are: A Playbook
  • 6:50 The True Self Versus the Pseudo-Self
  • 10:13 The Power of Introspection Daily
  • 12:23 Enlightenment and Yogananda
  • 24:42 Online Hate: See Beyond the Fear
  • 28:02 Batch Your Time
  • 35:40 Stop Comparison
  • 42:05 Real Beauty
  • 46:40 Your Image, Social Media, and the True Self
  • 53:29 Staying in Connection with Your Partner
  • 58:37 Kimberly’s Favorite Books
  • 1:00:26 Connect with Kimberly

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