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There is a positive, overwhelming feeling that comes over me when I discover a product that embodies so much of what I am passionate about. Dot Cup, is one of those products.

A Dot Cup is an FDA-approved, easy-to-use, reusable menstrual cup that can be used in place of tampons. It can be worn for up to 12 hours and once the day is over, its contents can be emptied into a toilet.

Aside from providing immense comfort and stress-free periods to women each month, there is so much more to Dot Cup that makes this product so wonderful.

For every Dot Cup that is purchased, one is given to a women or girl who does not have access to menstrual products. Dot Cup is also partnered with World Vision, a non-government organization that provides clean water in the world as well as empowers women through their various programs.

Many people may not be aware that tons of tampon waste goes to landfills every year and that women spend around $100 per year on tampons. With Dot Cup, you will be playing a large role in reducing environmental damage as well as saving a significant amount of money.

With their product, Dot Cup is empowering women every single day and making such a positive impact on the world. On top of that, this company exudes so much #GirlPower as it is female-owned and operated!

Here at Get Loved Up, I take pride in sharing products with you that I not only love but are striving to make a difference in this world as well. Dot Cup is a product that I adore and I hope you will pick one up for yourself, too!

To purchase a dot cup, you can go to this link here: https://dotforall.com/shop/dot-cup-x-get-loved-up

If you use the code, “KOYA” you will get 10% off and receive a ‘Get Loved Up’ Pouch.

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