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Koya’s passion for health, wellness and mindfulness are palpable and infectious. Her understanding of the body and the connection between the body and the mind make her an incredible practitioner and teacher of yoga. Her teaching conveys innate authenticity and her strong desire to make yoga and mindfulness accessible to all. We also love and appreciate her dedication to Alo’s mission to bring yoga to the world!

Perhaps most inspiring is Koya’s commitment to the proliferation of self-love. Her manifestation workshops have helped countless people take steps towards achieving their goals and cultivating compassion for themselves. We’re grateful to Koya for sharing her light and her yoga with the world!

Dean Ornish, M.D. of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute

Koya has the kind of passion that will light up any room and inspire people to action. She simplifies healthy living and her advice and programs are practical, fun and easy to follow. I see her being a leader in the health and fitness arena for many years to come as she shares from the heart and is dedicated to making the world a healthier place to live.


Shayla Quinn 

“I attended Koya’s masterclass on October 14th 2017, which was a particularly special one as it focused on manifestation and gratitude – and it was the first time Koya was doing this type of class…this class with Koya ended up being the catalyst for me to quit a toxic job I worked for over 4 years (and hated) and go confidently after my dreams and desires. I had been working in nightlife doing bottle service for nearly 5 years and hated every minute of it. I wanted to quit so badly but didn’t think I would be able to survive without it, and while I was building my blog and yoga teaching career with love and confidence, I didn’t realize I was doing it all half-heartedly while I clung to the night job in fear for far too long. I needed to release the fear, trust in my abilities, and show gratitude every single day for the things I had already created, and for the opportunities I wanted to manifest in my life.

It was something that Koya said at the end of class in our final circle, that inspired me to finally take the leap. She asked us to each one by one declare to the group something that we wanted to manifest MORE of in our lives. When it was my turn to speak I passionately said “ I want to do more of what I am doing now, I want to be doing it full time. I want to teach yoga more, I want to share yoga through my blog and instagram, I want to make my passion for yoga, health, and wellness my full-time job.” That was the moment I decided, this is happening. I am going to manifest this into my life right now.

When I got home I was inspired to fully commit to my desires and dreams. I wrote out each desire on an index card in an affirmative way and placed each one around my apartment where I could see them daily and repeat them out loud. I meditated every day and thanked the universe for the things it had not brought me yet, but that I knew would be coming. I took time throughout each day to imagine the feeling I would experience when those things came, feeling gratitude for them, feeling the excitement, and joy- each time affirming that what I desired COULD and WOULD be my reality. For 2 weeks I went back and forth about work, my passions, the should, woulds, coulds.. and on October 28th I worked what would be my last night at the nightclub I had been working at. I walked out after my shift that night at 3AM after working a 19 hour day between my shift + teaching + my blog work all day and sat in my car crying.. my body tired, my mind exhausted, my heart begging for strength to let go and to TRUST. I sat there for a few moments praying to the universe to give me courage, show me a sign that I could create the life I dreamed of. And as I wiped the tears from my eyes I decided.. I am not going back there.

Each day after that night the signs I was looking for appeared: it was like magic! One moment a private client email inquiry, the next a teaching gig, an event, a brand partnership, even my dream brand Alo Yoga contacted me to teach for them- it was seriously unreal. The universe was giving me the signs I was asking for. There was absolutely no denying that the universe had my back. It took me a little time to accept that this was real because it was truly a dream come true. My heart explodes just writing this because I still am in awe of this whole thing- manifestation and gratitude are two very real and very powerful tools.

2.5 months later and I am beyond thrilled to share that I am teaching in my dream yoga studio (@ Alo Yoga’s new Grove studio- come see me!!), writing for incredible wellness and yoga publications, creating for my own blog Namastshay and using my instagram @shaylaquinn to connect with like-minded people from all of the world. I am living and creating my dream life; and I have Koya’s manifestation and gratitude meditation class to thank for the inspiration to trust in my vision and go for it!!”

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