3 Essential Vegan Items for Your Pantry

One of the most exciting things about living a plant-based, vegan lifestyle is that there are so many colorful, delicious foods and recipes to play around with. Before you do so, it is very important to make sure you are stocked up on the proper food items, however, whether you are vegan or not, you know that deciding on what…

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Finding Your Authentic Voice 

One thing that makes every person unique is that we all have our own individual voice. When it comes to instructing yoga, this is especially important as different voices make for diverse experiences in the yoga world. Aside from yoga, the importance of having an authentic voice can apply to other things like being a writer or an entrepreneur. Your own voice…

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Notes from a New Meditator

Before embarking on this journey of self-care through yoga and meditation, I had no idea what meditation was let alone how to actually do it. “Sit.” “Breathe.” “Let your thoughts go.” Well, I could sit and I could breathe, but let my thoughts go? How in the world do you just stop thinking? Spoiler: you don’t! It turns out I…

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