• Nutrition 101

    How do you chose to fuel your body? In the past I studied with IIN researching the worlds most popular diets to see why they work and don't work. With all the research I've done, for my optimal ...

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    Nutrition 101
  • Go outside and play!

    You thought playing is something just meant for kids? Well, it is if you want to live a boring life. If not, keep on reading! Playing with your romantic partner, co-workers, pets, friends, and ...

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    Go outside and play!
  • Try these new breathing techniques!

    How do you breathe? You may think this is a stupid question, like, are there different ways to breathe? Of course there are! Breathing is something we can just 'do' automatically in order to ...

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    Try these new breathing techniques!

A Salad A Day…

  If you think you are not a salad person, think again. Salads are not boring meals anymore, you just have to get more creative when preparing them! You can start by picking your 5 favorite vegetables (and even fruits) and add some proteins and seeds. And adding the perfect dressing makes a big difference too!! Don’t feel like creating…

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The Power Of Daily Affirmations

When was the last time you complimented yourself? Believe it or not, words are one of the most powerful tools we have. Not only towards other people, but also towards ourselves. We don’t remember it as often as we should and repeat things in our head like “oh, I forgot the keys AGAIN, I am so dumb” until we believe…

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What’s your favorite smoothie blend?

  Rather than apple, I would say a smoothie a day keeps the doctor away. It is the best way to mix vitamins, nutrients and deliciousness all in one glass. If you want to add your touch to it, turn it into a smoothie bowl and make it pretty! Decorating your food and making it something appealing will help you…

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