Do you need a massage?

Are you usually sitting at your desk working all day? If the answer to that question is yes, you need a massage. If you don’t have an office job… you need a massage as well! A massage is not something to get only when it’s therapeutical because you hurt yourself or you are under some kind of treatment. It should…

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5 Tips That’ll Help You Become a Better Communicator

Do you really communicate with others the way you want? Good communication involves two things, listening and talking, and there are just some simple rules to master each. This sounds pretty basic, but many people forget that good communication involves listening as well as talking. It could even be argued that listening is the more important of the two: how…

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How To Set Boundaries

How do you know when you are protecting yourself and when you are being selfish? It’s as easy as being truly honest with yourself and asking if you feel comfortable with something. The moment you start feeling like it’s something you don’t want and you are not harming anyone by stopping, you are setting your limits – which is one…

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