Total Body Care

What rituals do you follow to take care of your entire body? Remind yourself that your body is what will carry your soul and essence while you are on earth, so the better you treat it the longer you will get to enjoy life to the fullest! First of all, you should have one or various activities that engage your…

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The Importance of Daily Meditation

Just 10 minutes a day will make a big shift on that day’s perspective and in general in your life. Meditating is taking a bit of me-time to practice self-love, even if you don’t feel like that at the beginning. Meditation is called a practice because, well, it requires practice! Don’t get frustrated if the first days or weeks you…

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A Salad A Day…

  If you think you are not a salad person, think again. Salads are not boring meals anymore, you just have to get more creative when preparing them! You can start by picking your 5 favorite vegetables (and even fruits) and add some proteins and seeds. And adding the perfect dressing makes a big difference too!! Don’t feel like creating…

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