My Top 8 Get Loved Up Podcast Episodes To Tune Into For Pride Month

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As a celebrity holistic health coach, it is important to me that Get Loved Up is an inclusive community that takes pride in celebrating the diverse cultures that shape our world.

In honor of Pride Month and the importance of bringing more awareness to the LGBTQIA+ community, I’m highlighting some of the most inspirational and influential guests I’ve had on the Get Loved Up Podcast, sharing their arduous journeys towards self-love and their words of wisdom for self-acceptance.

8 Inspirational & Influential Get Loved Up Podcast Episodes for Pride Month

Episode #12. Find Your Voice And Healing Through Mediation with Justin Michael Williams

Justin Michael Williams is a chart-topping singer, meditation teacher, and inspirational powerhouse. He uses music to support marginalized voices from the LGBTQ+ community, the black community, starving artists, workaholic conscious creatives, and for anyone who’s voice has been silenced.

Justin has this awesome ability to never let the people who are bringing him down get the best of him. Him using their negativity to fuel the talent of sharing his voice is one of the many reasons he is an incredible inspiration to so many of us.

In this episode, Justin shares:

  • How he used yoga and meditation to heal from trauma and an eating disorder
  • Finding your voice after being silenced
  • The purpose of mantras + meditation tips
  • How to quiet your inner critic and handle healthy comparison
  • Having a health money mindset
  • The importance of understanding your shadow side
  • Gaining acceptance from yourself and others

Your thoughts can be used in service of your highest good.~Justin Michael Williams

Episode #66. Emancipatory Education And Spiritual Liberation with Isazela Amanzi

Zel is a Neuro + Genderqueer Sacred Energy Educator. The founder of Rest In Power Yoga & Reiki and the creator of Yoga for the Dissolution of Binaries Course.

What so many find most inspiring about Zel is their/his authenticity and the action taken to support minority communities and taking action in supporting  the wellness of nonbinary people.

In this episode, Zel shares:

  • The powerful journey of waking up your divinity
  • Shedding limiting falsehoods
  • How to live as your most powerful self

I am intrinsically divine and intrinsically worthy.” ~Zel Amanzi

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Episode #73. Freedom Through Forgiveness with Brialle Ringer

Brialle Ringer is the founder of Be Well with Brialle , facilitating a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing using yoga, chakra education, open discussion, and plant-based nutrition.

Braille is a beautiful source to turn to for healing and inner work to triumph over trauma.

In this episode, Brialle shares:

  • How forgiveness can set us free
  • The importance of addressing your emotions for healing
  • Healing from limiting beliefs and relationships
  • How she nurtured herself throughout her life to be able to help others
  • How to allow yourself to make better decisions in life, to be free, and to be open for love
  • The power of self-discovery
  • Reclaiming pleasure after trauma
  • How to use self-healing to give back
  • What you can learn from your triggers and triumph over them

What really brought me into committing to healing myself holistically was my body. My body was calling me to heal. I started to experience physical manifestations of this unresolved emotional and sexual trauma, and how that was showing up for me was recurring reproductive health challenges.” ~Brialle Ringer

Episode #97. Believing In Yourself & Tuning Out Negativity with Nemanja Golubovic

Nemanja Golubovic is  the founder and entrepreneur behind Kale My Name, a vegan restaurant that has since expanded to Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois.

The determination he displays to never give up on your dreams will uplift and inspire you as you listen in on this discussion.

In this episode, Nemanja shares:

  • Coming to terms with his sexuality
  • Embracing veganism
  • The importance of never giving up on your dreams
  • That sexuality is not a choice; it is something you’re born with
  • The importance of recognizing privilege by helping the least fortunate
  • How to not take no for an answer

I absolutely do not like giving advice as in general, but this is really important advice for people to not listen to the negative thoughts and to not ever listen to ‘you cannot do it’ because yes, you absolutely can.” ~Nemanja Golubovic

Episode #99. Healing From Childhood Trauma with Koshin Paley Ellison

Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison is an author, Zen teacher, Jungian psychotherapist, and certified Chaplaincy Educator. He co-founded the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, which offers contemplative approaches to care through education, personal caregiving, and Zen practice.

I feel that the biggest takeaway from you tuning into this conversation with Sensei Koshin is his ability to overcome trauma and process pain by cultivating inner peace. His teachings can and will transform anyone’s personal journey.

In this episode, Sensei Koshin shares:

  • The continuous process of working on yourself emotionally and spiritually
  • How painful experiences can affect you emotionally and spiritually
  • The path of healing from intergenerational trauma 
  • The power of zen-care 
  • Learning to be still in your pain 
  • Expecting discomfort while undergoing therapy 
  • The importance of having spiritual friends 
  • Working on yourself so that you can help others

Until you learn to be still in your pain, you will never be free.” ~Koshin Paley Ellison

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Episode #103. The Power of Yoga & Self-Acceptance with Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is an internationally acclaimed voice in wellness, award-winning yoga instructor, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of The Underbelly, a streaming wellness app and community, co-host of the podcast Dear Jessamyn, and co-founder of We Go High: a cannabis justice initiative.

Jessamyn’s raw honesty and how she challenges the social norms and makes yoga accessible to everyone no matter their size is only a few of the many things that make her an influential voice in the community.

In this episode, Jessamyn shares:

  • Her insights on the essence of yoga, healing, and cultural appropriation 
  • How systemic racism and capitalism affect our bodies and self-image
  • Navigation through suicidal thoughts
  • Healing is a non-linear process that comes in many forms
  • Yoga is a healing tool for both the body and mind
  • How the ugly and beautiful can co-exist
  • The difference between appropriation and appreciation
  • The importance of strengthening communities

Beautiful things are also ugly at the same time. If you don’t accept the ugliness of it, you can’t experience the beauty of it.” ~Jessamyn Stanley

Episode #107. Spiritual Activism with Rachel Ricketts

Rachel Ricketts (she/her/hers) is a queer, multiracial Black woman, a global disruptor, mystic, media consultant, and author of the international bestselling book Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing from White Supremacy.

Getting to know Rachel was an enlightening experience, exploring her life and lessons as she shares them. During this eye-opening conversation, you will come to admire, just as I did, Rachel’s strength in approaching grief and overcoming life’s challenges. 

In this episode, Rachel shares:

  • Dealing with trauma and fear
  • Her background in spiritual activism
  • Helping people understand their role in perpetuating systemic oppression
  • The bare of shadow work
  • Self-Care vs. soul-care 
  • How to deal with loss and grief

We hold not only our grief and trauma, but we hold our ancestor’s grief and trauma as well. All that unresolved harm and violence, trauma, and loss.” ~Rachel Ricketts

Episode #108. Finding Beauty In The Chaos with Sah D’Simone

Sah D’Simone is a spiritual revolutionary, artful guide, international transformational speaker, best-selling author, and creator of The Sah Method spiritual workout.

What you’ll find most inspirational about Sah is how he makes spirituality and healing sound vibrant, sassy, and genuine.

In this episode, Sah shares: 

  • His spiritual & healing journey 
  • Overcoming his own failures and heartbreaks
  • Achieving inner peace and true liberation from non-attachment and deliberate action  
  • How joy and authenticity illuminate the path to enlightenment 
  • His go-to wellness tools like modern contemplative psychotherapy, meditation, breathwork, and integrative nutrition
  • The power of 5-Minute Daily Meditations
  • How to find beauty in the chaos

We’re not conditioned to seek liberation. We’re conditioned to accumulate and in hopes of more stuff will turn into inner liberation. The capitalistic god was at the forefront of my altar at that point.” ~Sah D’Simone

Hear more conversations about discovering one’s own personal power through spiritual growth and healing. Learn more on how to love and accept yourself by checking out my Get Loved Up podcast on Apple and Spotify.

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