Let’s Defeat The 5 Lies You Tell Yourself To Workout

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The summer is already here and you have been postponing the working out thing for a while,
although you want to be and stay fit and feel proud of your body. And every time you decide you
are going to work out, the ‘but’s’ start flooding your head. Finding excuses not to work out is easy,
we know, that’s why today we will take a look at the most common ones and defeat them together
for you to overcome them and start working out seriously!

1. I don’t got the time

It’s not that you haven’t got the time, you just don’t want to make time for working out and that is a
mistake. Look at it in another way. Working out keeps you healthy, so it’s kind of like an
appointment with the doctor. You would make time to go to the doctor, wouldn’t you? And after
working out you feel much better than after going to the doctor! You don’t have to start doing it 2
hours per day every single day, start with just 15 minutes every day to get the feel again and go
from there.

2. I’m tired

This is something that people have shown us to be an excuse, but it’s more like a lie. If you feel
tired after a long day and work out for something like 10 minutes, it will actually make you feel
much more energized afterwards, which is great if you have things to do. Actually, waking up
earlier to work out gives you more energy and inspiration to face your day and reduce the stress.

3. I already move all day long

Moving all day long is always good for the body, but that means activity, not working out. Of
course it helps you stay healthier than if you sit in an office all day long, but it’s still not enough.
Working out gets your blood pumping and it’s only through exercise that we can obtain certain
benefits such as improving cardiovascular fitness. Moreover, if you are looking to strengthen
specific parts of your body like the abs or the legs, you need a specific workout, just walking around
won’t do the trick.

4. Exercise is boring

That just depends on what kind of workouts you do. If you get easily bored when going to the gym,
do a little bit of research and find a sport that gets you all excited just thinking about it. There’s
something for everyone. If you are more a team player you can look into volleyball, football, basketball,
etc… the list could go on for pages. If you prefer something you can do alone — there is yoga,
climbing, running, biking… you name it! Try different things and see what you are good at and like.

5. Gyms are expensive

I get it — the gym doesn’t excite you, which is why you should look for a
sport that you are willing to pay for, because you like it that much. Anything you do at the gym
nowadays you can also easily do at home with Youtube videos. It doesn’t get easier than that!

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