Guarding Yourself Against Harmful 5G Radiation

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Amid a Global Pandemic, I believe it’s important to continue shedding light on related topics that risk being ignored during these uncertain times. One such topic is around the 5G network and some of the threats it poses to citizens of the world. As always, I want to start by saying that I’m not a doctor or physicist. However, like many of you, I desire to continue employing my own critical reasoning to process the facts and data I’m presented with.

5G is the fifth generation of cellular technology that will enhance the coverage, speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. Said to take a much larger role than previous generations, 5G is posited to not only interconnect people, but also interconnect and control devices, machines and objects and sensors.

However, unlike its predecessors, 5G operates on the higher frequency of millimeter waves on the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) spectrum. These waves are 10 to 100 times higher than radio waves used today for Wi-Fi and 4G networks. However, it should be noted that at higher radio frequencies, the skin acts as a barrier to electromagnetic frequencies, shielding the internal organs, including the brain, from exposure. Think of how human skin blocks even the higher frequencies of sunlight.

There have been studies done by the medical world that have found a correlation between radiation exposure and cancer in rats – but many of these studies have been ignored by many mainstream organizations. Thus, more studies are needed. Specifically, studies on the effects of 5G radiation on our health.

However, instead of saying one way of thinking is wrong or right I think it’s important that we take a moment to acknowledge the potential harmful effects of radiation of any kind. Without the proper studies in place, we’re at risk for being the lab rats in this real world 5G roll out. While the average person won’t be able to stop the rollout of 5G networks, you can still mitigate the potential harm of these waves by doing the following:

Turning Off or Airplane Mode: In addition to refusing to purchase 5G, you can choose to turn off your smartphone or switch it to airplane mode when possible. By doing so, you begin to protect yourself from potentially harmful EMF interactions.

Keep Electronics Out of The Bedrooms: If possible, use ethernet cables for your home internet. But since that may not be possible for many people, ensure your Wi-Fi box is as far away from the bedroom as possible. Also remove all electronics from your bedroom since that is where we spent one third of our lives. You should set up your bedroom to be an EMF-free zone.

Shield Yourself: You want to do as much as possible to create a barrier between you and EMFs. There are shielding devices and materials you can use to protect yourself from EMFs. I would steer clear of cellphone cases though, since putting an EMF case around it can trigger the phone to search for better reception, thus pushing out an even greater signal.

Distance When Possible: Ultimately, the best way to protect yourself from EMFs is to create distance between you and your devices. Use the old school headphones or put your phone on speaker when possible. Also consider keeping devices at arm’s length distance away. And of course, limit screen time and placing your phone directly onto your body.

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