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As you know, here at Get Loved Up, we practice Love every day. Valentine’s Day is just an opportunity to do something extra special for yourself, someone else or the community if you’ve been slacking.

Make sure you take time this holiday to nurture any place in your life that needs more love mentally, spiritually and physically.

Below I’m sharing some brands you can get loved up with. We support brands that inspire us to go all out in our self-care rituals and are also healthy for the planet.

By making conscious purchases, we all can express love for the earth, others, and ourselves.

Enjoy my top 10 Valentine’s Day picks that support positive indulgence any time of the year.


1. RealHer Cosmetics 

This is another Indie Beauty Expo find that I’m loving. The thoughtful affirmations each item and chic packaging has my heart and keeps me motivated to love myself with positive affirmations no matter how much or little makeup I put on that day. Get 20% off your first order by clicking the link above.

2. Ranavat Botanics Mighty Hair and Body Serum 

I found this at the Indie beauty expo and I can’t stop putting it on every time I leave the house. The smell is hypnotic and my only wish is that I got a bigger bottle.

3. Auromere Ayurveda Soap 

This beautiful ayurvedic rose soap blend is a great and healthy bar to de-stress and get lost in the moment of self-love. It contains beautiful herbs and plants such as rose petals, hibiscus, sandalwood, vetiver and tulsi that leave you smelling like a fresh field of wildflowers. I love it!

4. Himalayan Salt Candle Holder 

We know how romantic candles are, but add it to a Himalayan salt holder, and you take it to a whole other level. Himalayan salt emits negative ions to help cleanse and clear any space. Great for setting the mood and intentions, and giving any place an energy pick me up!

5. Rose Quartz Mala

Crafted by longtime yoga practitioners, working in a meditative environment for the ultimate in high energy and positive vibrations, the Rose Quartz can assist in restoring trust and harmony, gently drawing off negative energy and replacing it with loving vibrations  It is considered by many as the finest of healers. It’s a beautiful gift that can hold the frequency of love for days to come.

6. Black and Decker Juicer 

Wake up and juice for yourself or your loved one. Juicing is one of the healthiest things you can do. Just picture yourself waking up and having a very special glass of freshly pressed orange juice ready for you. Healthy, refreshing, and delicious.

7. Crystal Healing Book 

A great gift for a co-worker or bestie, the Crystal Healing Book by Judy Hall, is a gorgeous go-to guide that explains how to use and work with the power of crystals. It looks at the seven chakras (the body’s energy centers) and five “master healer” stones that can be used singly or in combination to relieve stress, promote relaxation, balance the emotions, and invigorate body, mind, and spirit. So no matter what you are working on in your life, there’s something to learn in this crystal bible.

8. Tibetan Singing Bowl 

Set the tone with this hand-painted Red Tibetan Om Singing Bowl that “rings with a purity that’ll uplift your heart and relax your mind”. Music and sound transcend language and can connect you straight to the heart of your lover. I’ve been playing this after yoga class during meditation and we all love the positive vibes it leaves us with.

9. Himalayan Salt Lamp 

The beautiful, mystical positive light that emits from this lamp is sitting right next to my yoga mat. I love the soft and natural aesthetic it brings to my living room.

10. Metal Om Journal 

Write yourself a love letter. We need to learn how to appreciate ourselves more. Recognize all that you do and all that you are. Get yourself a special, hand stamped metal cover journal with this special cosmic symbol, and dedicate it to self-love. Let this sacred symbol inspire you, deepen your self-reflection, and watch more love come into your life because you are making time to love yourself.






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