Podcast: EP 5 Clean, Green & Vegan Beauty, Food, and Lifestyle Tips with Chelsea Williams

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Today we are going to talk about something that most of us struggle with: maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The problem is not a lack of information, but the excess of information that overwhelms us. How to start on a healthy path (and stay on it) is a question we want the answer to.

Even if you already struggle with compromised health, you can still bounce back out of it. But is getting motivated the only hurdle you have to jump? Finding the will to consistently practice healthy habits solves only part of the problem. It is also equally essential to have the right resources and the relevant information.

And that’s why I am so excited to introduce you all to my amazing guest today, Chelsea Williams. As soon as she walked into the room, I just saw a queen; that is the vibe she carries. I love her, and I adore her. 

Chelsea is a beautiful human being, and she is doing so much for the world and helping people understand the value of a healthy lifestyle. I am so grateful to have her on the Get Loved Up podcast, and I am equally thrilled for you all to be inspired by her life and wisdom.

Who Is Chelsea Williams?

Chelsea Williams, a former basketball player, is now a plant-based public health nutritionist and a wellness content creator based in Los Angeles, California. She is also the founder of JustChelsea, a wellness blog through which she tries to help people take up a healthier lifestyle while becoming more knowledgeable and health-conscious.

Chelsea’s real journey started after being diagnosed with Graves disease (a severe form of hyperthyroidism) in middle school. She found success in managing her condition with a plant-based organic lifestyle. This led her to start her platform, where she has a wide array of content covering everything from quick health tips and green beauty reviews, to plant-based recipes.

“You have to be mindful, not only about what you eat, but also what’s around you in your environment.” – Chelsea Williams

Her work has been featured on numerous media outlets like NowThis News, Fox 45 News, and TV One. She was also named as a “Very Important Professional – Successful by 40” by The Daily Record. Chelsea has also partnered and worked with brands like Amazon, AT&T, IKEA, Under Armour, Whole Foods Market, and Dyson.

This episode should allow you to give shape to your long-desired dream of becoming a healthier and fitter version of yourself. Keep reading to find out how to lead a sustainable and stress-free lifestyle.

Getting Rid of Your Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with your endocrine or hormonal systems that can at times create life-threatening situations for people. And these are everyday things that we use! But with awareness, you can reduce your exposure to these disruptors. Here are what Chelsea says are some of the top endocrine disruptors:

“We are constantly being exposed to heavy chemicals, … and perfume is one of them. t’s a synthetic fragrance,so are regular house cleaners, countertop sprays, make-up, and packaged food. These are the top five endocrine disruptors that we are exposed to in our daily lives.” – Chelsea Williams

This makes it all the more vital for us to eat clean food and use only green and sustainable household and lifestyle products.

Chelsea shared some other fantastic tips for how we can live a more consistently healthy lifestyle. Here are my two favorites:

Tip #1 – Focus on Food First

It’s always better to know about which food or food habits are silently masking your endocrine disruptors. You may not have the patience to read every box you pick from the supermarket, but maybe you should start doing it.

“Start with getting whole fruits, and cut them yourself instead of buying pre-chopped ones. Another one is glyphosate. Cereal, oatmeal, are everyday foods that have a lot of endocrine disruptors. You should start looking out for glyphosate-free food, and look for the product descriptions when you shop. Make your meals at home, eat out less, and also save money in the process. Make a choice to be responsible for what you are putting in your body. ” – Chelsea Williams

Yes, you must adopt the habit of being more conscious about what you are eating and powering your body with. Food can really strengthen your base and give you the proper nutrition to maximize your potential. That’s why Chelsea always focuses on food first. But what about when we’re traveling and don’t have access to everything we have at home?

“I pack my own food when I am traveling, and I try to find hotels where the rooms have a kitchen. The price-point is not much higher than traditional rooms. So you can make your meals in your room and avoid eating out whenever you travel. That way you can be more mindful while eating.” – Chelsea Williams

That does sound like an effort but remember: change takes effort. . If you want to take control of your health, you have to accept that some effort will be involved. 

Tip #2 – Revamp Your Make-Up and Beauty Rituals

It’s also imperative for you to be aware of what you are using on your body or skin. Haven’t put much thought into it before? Maybe you should start thinking about it now.

“Beauty is really important because our skin is our largest organ, and we are constantly absorbing environmental pollutants and other chemicals. Things like foundation and lipstick that we apply directly on our face and in our mouth are essential to watch. . So you must make sure to use lotions and similar things that don’t have synthetic chemicals.” – Chelsea Williams

According to Chelsea, women of color are more prone to hyper-pigmentation and tend to have very sensitive skin. But she has the perfect remedy up her sleeve.

“Always use a primer before you apply a foundation or concealer. A primer basically acts as a barrier between your skin and the product. The primer just acts as a layer to protect your skin even further, and for having a more flawless application. And from an aesthetically pleasing standpoint, it makes your make-up smoother and lasts for a longer time. With eyeliner or mascara,  you want something that is water-resistant because waterproof is usually a little harsher on the eyes, and you will also have to use a chemical to remove it.” – Chelsea Williams

Our focus should be on using good and clean products that are ethically sourced, perform well, and don’t need to be used in a high quantity. Utilizing this tip and making it a part of our make-up ritual could benefit us greatly and is another thing that we should be mindful about.

The Need to Reduce Everyday Toxins

While most of us have heard about the various toxic chemicals being used in our everyday lives, many of us still use them. But it is crucial that you understand the adverse impact of these endocrine disruptors on you and your loved ones.

“If you are spraying something on your body, it is basically entering your bloodstream. And it’s not only impacting your health by compromising your immune system but also of those around you. So that’s another reason why you should move away from using it. This can lead to an increased risk of cancer which is something that we want to eradicate immediately.” – Chelsea Williams

It is widely known how certain chemicals like dioxane, formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, and parabens (to name a few) are present in household items like perfumes, cleaning agents, and make-up. A conscious decision to move away from this lifestyle would benefit you greatly.

“When you move to a healthier diet, constantly move your body, and sweat and expel toxins, then you won’t need to mask  your natural fragrance with things like perfumes. Because you won’t feel like you have to cover anything up. I love to take liquid chlorophyll every single day, and that’s a natural internal deodorant. It’s so good for your skin and blood.” – Chelsea Williams

That’s the power of having a green, healthy, and toxin-free diet. Combining this with getting rid of all the toxic products and chemicals will really enhance and add shine to your current lifestyle. After all, we all deserve this.

Encouraging Eco-friendly Living

Eco-friendly living is not just another trend on the rise nowadays: it’s a genuine need, for our health and for the planet. In order to balance out the extensive destruction that human activities have caused this planet, we have to adopt more eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyles, and raise awareness. 

“Plant-based diets are the most eco-friendly of all diets, as it results in less waste and use of water. Eating less packaged food, or taking your own bags to the grocery store are some ways that can cut down consumption. … Food waste is a huge issue which I think we don’t talk about much in our community.” – Chelsea Williams

That’s very true. While a vast portion of the world population is already deprived of basic essentials like food and water, we are still witnessing a huge waste of resources like food and water — and the current path that we are on could destroy us. The time to act and make a change is now.

“You can make a ton of stuff at home. And with the growth of the wellness industry … I think we also need to show a different narrative that can still be hailed as healthy, and purchase things that are accessible … and more cost-effective.” – Chelsea Williams

These changes don’t all have to be made in one go, but what you can do is start small: make a list and start with things you are confident you can accomplish right now. Once you succeed at one item, you can choose the next thing to focus on. That’s the right way to transform your lifestyle — slow and steady. Together, we will make our planet whole again.

Get Loved Up with Chelsea Williams

That interview was just so powerful! Chelsea has such a wealth of beauty inspiration and knowledge, and I just really loved her everyday life tips. While I could not cover all the tips in this short post, I insist you guys go and check out the remaining episode here. There is a ton of information waiting for you here, and I would be glad for you to listen to them all.

To check out Chelsea’s journey and work, I would recommend you go ahead and check out her website. And to follow her more closely and see how she leads her life from one day to another, you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

After watching this interview, if you found this to be highly informative like I did, then I would be really grateful if you could tag Chelsea, @thatschelsea, and me, @koyawebb, on Instagram with a screenshot of your greatest takeaways from this episode.

And remember: everything begins with self-love. Respect your body and take care of what you expose yourself to.  A few small changes can really transform your life.

Until next time, love.

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Show Notes

  • What a certified communicator in public health does (0:42)
  • Why food is more important than exercise to your health (2:35)
  • The top endocrine disruptors that we are exposed to daily (2:57)
  • Chelsea’s tips for grocery shopping (4:10)
  • Chelsea’s tips for clean beauty products and routines (6:15)
  • Chelsea’s tips for clean household cleaning products (13:05)
  • The dangers of using toxic perfumes (16:15)
  • How Chelsea uses essential oils (18:00)
  • Chelsea’s tips for cleansing your face and body (18:46)
  • Chelsea’s tips for hair care (20:50)
  • Chelsea’s tips for clean nail care (23:57)
  • Chelsea’s top 3 ways to get loved up (24:54)
  • How to navigate toxic relationships in a health way (32:00)
  • How these practices support the health of our planet (37:45)

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