Black-Owned Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Brands With Vegan Offerings

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In recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed a rising demand for conscious and sustainable choices. Consumers are increasingly seeking out brands that align with their values of environmental responsibility and ethical practices. This blog post strives to celebrate the creativity and innovation of Black-owned fashion brands that champion vegan items within their collections, ethical production, and sustainability. By supporting these brands, we not only contribute to a more inclusive fashion landscape but also encourage a more sustainable future. 


Let’s dive into the world of these remarkable Black-owned ethical and sustainable fashion brands offering vegan items:


Anifa Mvuemba is the visionary behind Hanifa, a brand celebrated for its innovative designs and digital runway shows. Hanifa promotes body positivity and inclusivity, offering sizes ranging from 0 to 20. The brand is committed to ethical manufacturing, ensuring safe and fair working conditions. Hanifa’s collections feature sustainable fabrics like Tencel and incorporate responsible production techniques. They prioritize versatility, creating pieces that can be worn in various ways to promote a sustainable wardrobe.


Hanifa Mustard Fringe Knit Dress


Weathered Not Worn:

Weathered Not Worn is a Black-owned brand founded and run by Husband and Wife Jennet and Derick Jackson in Atlanta. This brand focuses on vintage and upcycled apparel with showrooms in the Atlanta area marketed towards people from different walks of life. I have their cropped camo jacket that I adore!


Cropped Camo Jacket


Diarrablu is a Black-owned conscious contemporary lifestyle brand focused on repurposing goods. The brand is owned by Diarra Bousso and combines tradition and innovation. Diarrablu focuses on sustainability to combat waste issues with unique designs.

Mustard and White Diarrablu Kimono


Studio 189:

Founded by Abrima Erwiah and Rosario Dawson, Studio One Eighty-Nine blends African heritage with modern fashion. This brand works with artisans across Africa, creating job opportunities and promoting traditional craftsmanship. They use organic and recycled materials in their designs, reducing their environmental footprint. Studio One Eighty-Nine champions social causes and supports organizations like the United Nations ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative. The brand’s collections beautifully fuse traditional African textiles with contemporary silhouettes.

Hand-Woven Market Shopping Bag


Brother Vellies:

Founded by Aurora James, Brother Vellies is dedicated to sustaining traditional African footwear craftsmanship. The brand employs artisans from various countries to create unique and ethically-made footwear. Brother Vellies focuses on using sustainably-sourced materials such as repurposed denim. Their production processes prioritize minimal waste and fair wages for workers. This brand is actively involved in supporting and preserving cultural heritage. The collections include shoes, handbags, socks, and a menswear line.

Cloud Sock Bundle – Wonderland



Founded by supermodel Liya Kebede, Lemlem showcases Ethiopian handwoven textiles in its clothing. The brand provides employment opportunities for traditional weavers, empowering communities. Lemlem’s collections feature breezy and vibrant designs, perfect for warm climates. They prioritize eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and work with local artisans to create unique pieces. Proceeds from sales contribute to the Lemlem Foundation, supporting women artisans in Africa.

Zala High Leg Bikini Bottom


Dumebi Iyamah:

Dumebi Iyamah founded Andrea Iyamah, a brand known for its bold, vibrant swimwear and resort wear. Their collections often incorporate sustainable fabrics like ECONYL® made from regenerated nylon. Andrea Iyamah embraces body positivity, offering inclusive sizes to cater to a diverse customer base. The brand is committed to ethical manufacturing, ensuring fair labor practices throughout the supply chain. With a focus on empowering women, the brand provides employment opportunities and celebrates female strength.

Liva Bikini- Chocolate 


TELFAR, founded by Telfar Clemens, has gained international recognition for its gender-neutral fashion. The brand promotes inclusivity, challenging traditional norms in the fashion industry. TELFAR’s vegan leather bags, known as the “Shopping Bag,” are coveted worldwide for their chic designs. They prioritize accessibility by offering affordable luxury through their innovative Bag Security Program. TELFAR’s commitment to sustainability includes utilizing eco-conscious materials and reducing waste.

Telfar’s Vegan Shopping Bag

Omi Woods:

Ashley Alexis McFarlane founded Omi Woods, a jewelry brand specializing in heirloom-quality pieces. The brand incorporates recycled precious metals and ethically-sourced gemstones in their designs. Omi Woods celebrates African heritage and diverse cultures through its jewelry collections. The brand supports fair trade practices and partners with organizations like Made In Africa, creating positive change. Omi Woods actively contributes to environmental sustainability by offsetting their carbon footprint.

The Sankofa Diamond Adinkra Necklace


Pyer Moss:

Pyer Moss was founded by Kerby Jean-Raymond in 2013. Pyer Moss is renowned for its artistic storytelling through fashion. The brand challenges social narratives and addresses issues of identity and equality. Pyer Moss prioritizes sustainable manufacturing processes, incorporating upcycling and recycling in their designs. The brand collaborates with other artists and organizations to amplify marginalized voices. Pyer Moss has received critical acclaim and awards for its thought-provoking collections.

Pyer Moss Collection


Sade Mims founded EDAS, a jewelry and accessory brand that celebrates individuality and self-expression. The brand emphasizes conscious consumption, utilizing sustainable materials and vintage components. EDAS collaborates with artisans and manufacturers in the U.S., promoting local craftsmanship. They prioritize transparency and fair trade practices, ensuring workers receive fair wages. EDAS champions diversity and inclusivity, showcasing the beauty of different cultures through their accessories.

EDAS 2.0 Crochet Brimmed Hat


Home by Areeayl:

Home by Areeayl, founded by Areeayl Goodwin, is a jewelry brand renowned for its whimsical and artistic designs. The brand repurposes materials like reclaimed beads, fabric scraps, and found objects. Home by Areeayl promotes sustainable practices by reducing waste through upcycling. The brand’s designs embrace individuality, encouraging self-expression through accessories. Home by Areeayl supports community initiatives and charitable organizations.

Vase Stud Earrings



Sika’a, founded by Phyllis Taylor, is a luxury fashion brand that celebrates African heritage.

The brand collaborates with artisans across Africa, showcasing their craftsmanship through contemporary designs. Sika’a focuses on using sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo silk. The brand is committed to fair trade and empowers local communities by creating job opportunities. Sika’a’s collections reflect the richness and diversity of African culture.

Libertine African Print Midi Skirt


Sindiso Khumalo:

Sindiso Khumalo is a sustainable fashion brand founded by Sindiso Khumalo, an award-winning designer. The brand’s designs are inspired by Sindiso’s Zulu and Ndebele heritage. Sindiso Khumalo prioritizes ethical production and sources materials responsibly. Their collections often incorporate handwoven textiles and feature artistic prints. The brand supports social causes, raising awareness about important issues through fashion.

Celie Printed Cotton Midi Dress



AAKS, founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, is a handcrafted accessories brand inspired by Ghanaian weaving techniques. The brand works with local artisans, preserving traditional skills and creating employment opportunities. AAKS uses sustainable materials like raffia, ensuring minimal environmental impact. The brand’s vibrant and unique designs celebrate African culture and heritage. AAKS prioritizes fair trade practices and supports the growth of local communities.


Ambi Olive


Chelsea Bravo:

Chelsea Bravo is a sustainable womenswear brand known for its elegant and timeless designs. The brand utilizes sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and linen in its collections. Chelsea Bravo supports local craftsmanship and manufactures its products in the U.K. They emphasize slow fashion, creating pieces that transcend trends and can be worn for years. The brand promotes body positivity and offers a range of sizes to cater to diverse body types.


Chelsea Jumpsuit- Unisex Shell 


Fe Noel:

Fe Noel, founded by Felisha Noel, is a luxury womenswear brand inspired by Caribbean culture. The brand focuses on ethical manufacturing and works with artisans from Grenada. Fe Noel creates timeless pieces using sustainable materials like bamboo. They prioritize transparency and provide insight into their supply chain and production processes. Fe Noel actively supports charitable organizations and initiatives that empower women.

Lucinda Hooded Robe


Third Crown:

Third Crown, founded by Kristin and Kofi Essel, is a contemporary jewelry brand with a focus on architectural designs. The brand uses recycled metals and ethically-sourced gemstones in their jewelry pieces. Third Crown’s designs are minimalistic, versatile, and perfect for everyday wear. They prioritize fair labor practices and work with manufacturers in New York City. Third Crown celebrates diversity and promotes sustainable and conscious fashion choices.

Bizote Wrap Ring Amethyst 


Brandon Blackwood: 

Brandon Blackwood’s brand is committed to ethical and sustainable practices. They prioritize responsible sourcing of materials and ensure fair labor practices throughout their supply chain. The brand uses high-quality vegan leather, minimizing the impact on animal welfare while providing a cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather handbags. One of the notable aspects of Brandon Blackwood’s brand is its emphasis on inclusivity and diverse representation. The brand aims to create designs that cater to a broad range of customers, regardless of gender, race, or background. This commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the brand’s diverse marketing campaigns and collaborations.

While currently out of inventory, the above is Brandon Blackwood’s Mini Kendrick Trunk



Diop is a Detroit-based brand that celebrates African culture through its vibrant designs.

They create all their products using sustainable materials, such as recycled cotton and post-consumer plastic bottles. Diop aims to foster inclusivity by offering sizes up to 3XL and promoting body positivity. The brand also supports local communities by donating a portion of its proceeds to organizations in Detroit. Their eye-catching patterns and colors provide a refreshing twist to sustainable fashion.

The Zohura Bandana


Christopher John Rogers:

Christopher John Rogers is a visionary fashion brand that celebrates self-expression and bold colors. The brand’s eponymous designer won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in 2019, propelling him to international recognition. Christopher John Rogers uses sustainable practices, including responsible sourcing and local manufacturing. The brand’s vibrant creations have graced red carpets and gained a loyal following among celebrities. Christopher John Rogers’ larger-than-life designs challenge conventional beauty standards and inspire sartorial freedom.

Christopher John Roger’s 012 Collection

Laquan Smith:

Laquan Smith is a luxury fashion brand renowned for its sultry, form-fitting designs. The brand’s eponymous designer, Laquan Smith, has dressed numerous celebrities and icons. Laquan Smith prioritizes responsible manufacturing by producing in small batches and working with local artisans. They use sustainable materials like deadstock fabrics and prioritize waste reduction in their supply chain. Laquan Smith’s daring and glamorous designs embody the spirit of modern sensuality. Laquen Smith’s new arrivals will be launching soon on his website; however, you can see the Designer’s progress on Instagram currently: Laquan Smith


It’s necessary and significant to note why Black-owned sustainable brands with vegan offerings are important to recognize. As a Black woman, I believe in identifying, honoring, and providing a platform for brands and business owners to thrive in environments within which minorities have not been historically celebrated. As the fashion industry makes a shift, sustainability and ethical practices have gained significant momentum. These innovative and trailblazing brands not only contribute to a more inclusive and diverse industry but also champion environmental responsibility and ethical production.


  • Promoting Diversity and Representation:

Recognizing Black-owned sustainable fashion brands that offer vegan pieces is a vital step in promoting diversity and representation within the fashion industry. Historically, Black voices and perspectives have been underrepresented and overlooked. By highlighting and supporting these brands, we contribute to creating a more inclusive space where diverse talents and narratives are celebrated. Representation matters, and recognizing these brands helps challenge the industry’s conventional standards and promotes a more equitable fashion landscape.


  • Empowering Black Entrepreneurs:

Supporting Black-owned sustainable fashion brands that offer vegan designs goes beyond the fashion realm. It is a means of empowering Black entrepreneurs and creators who have faced systemic barriers and inequality. By acknowledging and uplifting their work, we contribute to breaking down these barriers and providing opportunities for economic growth and success. This empowerment allows for greater economic independence and, in turn, fosters positive change within communities.


  • Fostering Sustainable Practices:

Black-owned sustainable fashion brands with vegan offerings actively prioritize eco-friendly and ethical practices. They champion sustainable sourcing, use of vegan materials, and responsible manufacturing methods. By recognizing and supporting these brands, we encourage the growth of sustainable fashion as a whole. This recognition not only reinforces the importance of sustainable practices but also encourages other brands to follow suit, creating a domino effect of positive change throughout the industry.


  • Addressing Environmental Concerns:

The fashion industry has been notorious for its environmental impact with issues such as water pollution, excessive waste, and carbon emissions. Black-owned sustainable fashion brands with vegan designs play a crucial role in addressing these concerns. By using vegan materials and adopting eco-conscious production methods, they minimize their carbon footprint and reduce harm to the planet. Recognizing these brands amplifies their efforts in combatting environmental degradation and encourages consumers to make more conscious choices.


  • Encouraging Ethical Production:

Ethical production practices are a fundamental aspect of sustainable fashion. These Black-owned sustainable fashion brands not only offer vegan designs but also place great emphasis on fair wages, safe working conditions, and respectful treatment of artisans and workers. Recognizing and supporting these brands sends a powerful message that ethical production is non-negotiable. It encourages the entire industry to prioritize the well-being and rights of workers, leading to more socially responsible practices globally.


  • Inspiring Consumer Consciousness:

Recognizing Black-owned sustainable fashion brands with vegan offerings has a direct impact on consumer consciousness. By highlighting these brands’ ethical and sustainable values, we educate consumers about the importance of making mindful fashion choices. Recognizing these brands encourages consumers to reevaluate their own purchasing decisions, supporting brands that align with their values and promoting a shift towards responsible consumerism. It fosters a sense of accountability and empowers individuals to make a positive impact through their fashion choices.


  • Cultivating Innovation and Creativity:

Black-owned sustainable fashion brands that offer vegan options within their designs bring a unique and innovative perspective to the industry. Along with innovative vegan textiles, they infuse their designs with cultural heritage, challenge traditional norms, and introduce fresh aesthetics. Recognizing and celebrating these brands nurtures creativity and innovation, pushing the boundaries of what sustainable fashion can be. It expands the realm of possibilities and encourages other designers and brands to explore new avenues, resulting in a more vibrant and diverse fashion landscape.


These Black-owned ethical and sustainable fashion brands showcase the immense talent, creativity, and commitment to social and environmental responsibility within the industry. They are also catering to a wider-range of clients by offering vegan options within their collections. By supporting these brands, we not only embrace conscious fashion but also contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future. Each brand’s unique story, commitment to craftsmanship, and dedication to positive change make them valuable players in the fashion landscape. Let’s celebrate, uplift, and support these inspiring Black-owned brands and their contributions to a more ethical and sustainable world!


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