4 Ways to Strengthen Your Mental Health with Spiritual Practices

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What is a spiritual practice?

Simply put, the best definition of spiritual practice is the way we choose to connect with a higher power. Spiritual practices have always been at the heart of the world’s religions and the soul of someone’s journey to wholeness.

The Three Myths That Surround a Spiritual Practice

Although a key element of spiritual practice is discovering our deepest values, this movement does not come without its misconceptions.

Myth #1: Relevant only to religion.

Being spiritual does not necessarily mean you have to be religious to practice it. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is a right or wrong way to go about it either. Having a spiritual practice is about finding your way to connect to your inner spirit.

Myth #2: Practiced only to get through life’s toughest moments.

One of the beautiful benefits of spiritual practice is that it grounds you and gives you hope during life’s challenges. However, to truly experience the benefits of practicing spirituality, you don’t have to wait until you come across a trial. You can find refuge when troubled times come much faster with consistent practice.

Myth #3: To be spiritual, you must be born spiritual.

Like most things in life, spirituality isn’t inherently possessed. But you can build it and still benefit from it. A spiritual practice is nurtured slowly and consistently through constant work and personal study.

Now that we have a few spiritual myths debunked let’s find ways to deepen your spiritual practice to strengthen your mental health.

Improve Your Mental Health with Spiritual Practices in 4 Ways

Spirituality is a powerful tool to improve your mental health by positively impacting your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. On a deeper level, spirituality helps connect you with the divine, recognize your relationship to the world around you, and make sense of situations that seem impossible. 

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Mental Health with Spiritual Practices

Way #1: Carve out personal time alone.

To best benefit from the practice, intimately connect with yourself by creating a personal space that’s sacred to you. Spending some time alone in your personal space to do some breathwork. A yoga flow will also allow you to be mindful of your emotions and tap into your physical body and intuition.

My Yoga Practice for Mental Health

Way #2: Communicate with the universe.

This way is most effective when you combine journaling with manifestation. Consider writing a letter to the universe sharing what you’re grateful for, what you’re challenged by, or what you seek to call in. Consider using the “scripting technique” by writing your vision of you living your dream life with you as the main character of your story.

My Guided Meditation to Connect With Purpose

Way #3: Find time for fun.
It’s incredible how often we forget to do the things that bring us the most joy and make us feel our best daily:

  • Revisiting a hobby
  • Dancing to uplifting music
  • Cooking your favorite meal
  • Creating a workout routine you enjoy

We leave what we love behind mainly because we don’t have enough time for it. Find short pockets of time during the day where you can switch out unnecessary activities like scrolling on your phone for a little fun.

My 6 Ways to Create A Workout Routine That Lowers Your Stress Levels and Improves Your Mental Health

Way #4: Don’t forget your daily rituals.
You don’t have to perform them all, but a yoga flow, a meditation session, or free-write journaling are small spiritual practices that you can incorporate into your daily rituals. Experiment, select, combine, and mix up whatever works best for you and your mind that day.

My 5 Ways to Build Better Habits for Your Daily Rituals

*Bonus: You can also strengthen your spiritual practice by joining my virtual full moon and new moon ceremonies exclusively guided by me as your international holistic health mentor.

Share in the comments which of these four ways (or a new way) you can strengthen your spiritual practice.

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