Total Body Care

What rituals do you follow to take care of your entire body?

Remind yourself that your body is what will carry your soul and essence while you are on earth, so
the better you treat it the longer you will get to enjoy life to the fullest! First of all, you should have
one or various activities that engage your body a few times a week. HIIT workouts, yoga, running,
climbing…you have a lot where to chose from!

Moving your body a few times per week will not only make you look good but also FEEL GOOD! And
who doesn’t want that? But we also forget that taking care of our body not only means working out,
but listening to it, what feels good and what doesn’t, respecting it most of all.

Also, what do you do to take care of it aside from your exercise? Do you get regular massages? Do
you hydrate it properly and regularly? The products you put on your body are as important as the
food you give it. If this challenge made you start to eat vegan, also try to chose natural shampoos
and moisturizing creams to nourish it.

Try to wear a little bit less of makeup or at least try to use as natural products as possible. You are
beautiful just the way you are and you shouldn’t cover yourself under layers and layers of artificial
products. A little bit of rimmel and gloss can do the trick without clogging your pores πŸ˜‰

I love to have a day a week, Sunday for example, where I really focus on taking care of my body
inside out. I eat extra healthy, I go to the spa, get a massage and practice yoga really mindfully. I
totally recommend you do the same thing a day a week!

What are your body rituals?

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