Get To Know Our Man Crush This Week – Dominick Thompson

Name: Dominick Thompson (IG: DomzThompson)

A leading voice in the vegan & plant-based athlete communities, @domzthompson is an athlete, activist, and the founder of NYC-based start up @craziedandweirdos — hip, sustainable and eco-friendly clothing made from recycled and organic materials.  He is also the founder of @ironbrukal, a sports and fitness brand dedicated to the working professional, with plans to open training facilities in 2019.

Prior to becoming a social entrepreneur and activist, Dominick was a healthcare executive responsible for the business development and management of hospital systems and other providers across the eastern region of the United States. A working athlete, Dominick’s intense training schedule includes cycling, swimming, running, calisthenics, boxing, cross-fit, cross-training, weight and power-lifting. He competes in 10-12 endurance races per year, including marathons, triathlons, and ultra-races.

Dominick has been recognized for his activism across a variety of major news outlets, including NPR News, ABC News, Men’s Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Esquire, Thrive Magazine, Origin Magazine, PETA.com and more. Online, Dominick activates his 160,000+ Instagram followers with a pull-no-punches mix of brutal truth education with relatable, uplifting inspiration.

With all of the wonderful things he has going on, he still makes self-care and self-love a priority. Check out his three tips below:

Here are 3 Ways That He Practice Self-Love

1. Training for his next competition. Yes, training is fun for him. 🙂

2. Waking up every morning to be thankful for another day of living, and

3. Giving back to others and helping people and communities rebuild is something I enjoy as well.

Get To Know Our Duo Man Crush Monday AND Women Crush Wednesday – Max and Liz

This week, we’re doing things a bit differently! We have combined #MCM and #WCW to highlight this week’s faves – Max and Liz!

Name: Max and Liz

Max and Liz (IG @maxandlizacro) use yoga and asana as tools for delving deeper into oneself and transcending the physical body. As an extension of this, they use Acroyoga to build deep connections, trust, and community. This helps students tune into the energy and flow of life and others. Max and Liz bring an intense passion that stems from their desire to reveal everyone’s interconnectedness. They never compromises safety, encouraging students to respect their boundaries by listening to their bodies. This ultimately creates a safe environment where students (Max and Liz included) can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In the midst of all of their work, they still find time to practice self-love. As such, they shared three ways that they practice self-love below.

1. Positive affirmations in the mornings

2. Fruit smoothies daily (for all the good fruity vibes)

3. Practicing yoga to cleanse physically, emotionally, spiritually ⠀

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Get To Know Our Man Crush Monday – Torre Washington

Name: Torre Washington

Torre (IG: Torre.Washington) is a six time winning all natural body builder and holds pro cards with four distinct body bodybuilding organizations. He has been vegan since 1998 and is 100% supplement free.

Torre advocates for veganism to his global fan base and brings to light the plight of animals and the need to heal mother earth and our bodies through living the vegan lifestyle.

We love Torre because he is a fellow advocate of veganism. He’s been on the journey for almost 20 years and helps others build solid gains through veganism as well. Lastly, he understands the importance of taking care of himself, so that he can care of others. As such, he shared three ways that he practices self-love.

Read them below!

1. Nutrition From Plants

When it comes to being vegan, there are a number of ‘methods’ that some people tend to stick to as if it was a gospel, and at times, they may even push their agenda on others as if their way of eating is the only way. So with that being said, I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. I eat anything that’s vegan. Those who know me see that I cater to my sweet tooth in moderation, vegan donuts in particular. Good nutrition is a key element to good health and having a normal relationship with food is especially important for an athlete. However indulging in moderation is a vegan pleasure I partake in.

2. Physical Exercise

Many people want instant gratification, and this leads to disappointment and setbacks that are often worse than the starting point. The goal should be about maintaining this lifestyle indefinitely. Natural bodybuilding has longevity, whereas impatience can cause yo-yo dieting.

3. Mental Affirmations and Kindness Towards Others

This one is simple. You receive the energy that you put out. Be kind to others and they will be kind to you.

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