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5 very simple ways to stay motivated!

Some days you feel it’s easy to stay on top of things and achieve everything you want, other days it’s way more difficult. But you may ask yourself why there are people who seem to be motivated all the time, am I right?

I used to think I could never be one of those people, until I changed my perspective and started adopting a different set of habits that made a big change.

It obviously takes a while until you turn these into a solid part of your routine, but once you do, you will realize that you will become more effective at accomplishing your goals!

Motivation is a roller coaster ride to say the least and some factors to improve motivation are not in your control.

If you really want to make something work in your business and professional life, it is important that you have a good social network of support, whether his is one special person, a partner or family member, or a group of good friends that can be on hand to offer great advice.

Social support, be it a group of friends or family, is a significant factor when you want to reach a goal. But there are some things that come from inside of you that you need to master to be able to stay motivated:

1. Turn negatives into positives

Instead of seeing things as a problem, see them as a challenge to turn things around. They will help you grow as a person since you won’t be wasting your energy on negative thoughts, but redirecting it to make the best out of every situation.

2. Be brave

Stop dwelling on decisions, always identify when something scares you and take the brave step to go after it. That will make you feel proud of yourself and take more fearless decisions in the future.

3. Stop complaining!

I know, we all LOVE a good rant, but that doesn’t mean we need to complain all the time, because it’s a waste!  Instead use the fuel from your complaint, to brainstorm a new idea for improvement. Are you complaining about something you can’t change? Bring your thoughts elsewhere, there is always something to improve upon.

4. Practice gratitude

A grateful person is a happy person. Comparing yourself to others and what they have that you haven’t won’t help you. Instead be grateful for your talents, your friends and family, your perseverance and that you have been inspired to even get this far. This will create more motivation and additionally make others want to be around you.

5. Be kind to yourself

Positive motivation comes from rewarding yourself and realizing how far you have come and not just focusing on how further you have to go. Take an evening off, do what you enjoyed before or spend quality time with your loved ones. Reward yourself, even for little things, you DESERVE it!

What other habits do you have to stay motivated?

Get to know our Woman Crush – Chef Ahki!

Sepsenahki “Chef Ahki” is a celebrity chef, natural food activist, resident vegan chef at The Wendy Williams Show and author of Electric – A Modern Guide to Non-Hybrid & Wild Foods and The Fibroid Elimination Recipe Cookbook. She is the new voice of the young generation who is f’n pissed at big agriculture and its mono-cropping frenzy of science lab food and GMO corporate tyranny all resulting in obese, sick and dying generation whose being outlived by their parents.

Chek Ahki transitioned to a plant-based diet at the young age of 18, and became a colon-therapist shortly thereafter. She studied under Dr. Mark Armstrong and received a bachelor’s degree in naturopathic science and holistic theology. As a black native, Chef Ahki has always been intrigued by the healing power of herbs and eastern traditional medicine.

Raised by four generations of medicine women in her native home of Oklahoma, Chef Ahki was introduced to indigenous foods and alternative modalities before she even spoke her first word. Growing up working in her grandparents’ garden, she knows what real food is supposed to taste like. She teaches that humans are electrical and need electrical foods for optimum health. “I ain’t eatin’ salad, I’m eatin’ sunlight” is the phrase coined by Chef Ahki to promote her daily Big Ass Salad. She uses seasonal, organic, fresh, non-hybrid fruits and vegetables to create living food recipes designed to heal bodies and enhance lives.

In the midst of this, she also shared three ways that she practices self love:

1. Clean Foods

2. Massages

3. Orgasms

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