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Name your goals!

What is the most important goal you want to accomplish and why?

Setting your goals gives you clarity on what you ultimately want. It helps you crystalize the desires floating in your mind. It ensures that you are channeling your time, energy and efforts into things that really matter to you. It makes you live more consciously.

Everything in this world is created twice: First, creation in your mind, followed by the manifestation in reality. Without the mental creation, physical creation is tough. When you set a goal, you already accomplish the first creation. You have set into motion a reality for yourself and allow the forces of your universe to materialize the goal in the physical reality.

The best way to accomplish your short or long-term goals is to get them written somewhere you see all the time. Like a board beside your bed or on a list in your smartphone. Seeing them all the time will put your subconscious mind into working out ways to accomplish them and that my friend, will make you stay open for opportunities and make it easy to accomplish them.

And even if you have a goal and don’t know how to make it real, just the fact of knowing that you want it really bad will make the universe start working out the way to give it to you in some way or another.

And always remember to be patient, the universe will bring you what you need when you are ready for it!

What do you need to let go of?

What do you need to let go of?

Move away from your role as victim — and release the control the person and situation may have had in your life. As you let go of grudges, you’ll no longer define your life by how you’ve been hurt. You’ll find compassion and understanding and set yourself free!

This one really goes hand in hand with forgiving. It is one thing to forgive – but if you don’t let go, you will still feel like you can’t move on with your life and keep on growing.

Practice letting go by thinking of yourself and what is best for you and leave the person or thing completely behind. You have to be able to distinguish what you still need in your life compared to what no longer serves you. We are all really used to accumulating things in our houses and in general in our lives because we are afraid to lose things that might serve us in the future.

That’s why you need to stop yourself right there, look at the things and people in your life and honestly ask you:

Is this serving me in some way?

If you see that you don’t really use an object or a person doesn’t really give you anything but headache, it’s time to let go.

Think of all the good things something brought you when you needed it but also accept that it is time to get it out of your life. Because you know what happens if you don’t let go of things? You don’t let life fill that void with new things that you really need!

Forgiveness is the key to growth

What’s the longest time you have spend not forgiving someone? How did it feel?

Forgiving and letting go is not an easy task, but that’s mainly so because we believe the other party doesn’t deserve to be forgiven and we are punishing them, and it’s completely the other way around. By not forgiving someone, we are holding on to negative feelings inside, which doesn’t let us move on.

You will have to really make an effort and shift your perspective on this one, but once you start practicing what I will show you in a second, you will feel so much better!

The trick is not taking things personally. If you were hit by a car, you would get mad at the person driving it, right?

But what if the car was being driven by no one? You couldn’t really blame anyone right?

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you forget what they did to you or that you have to let them back into your life, but it helps you to let go of resentment and grow into a better version of yourself.

Forgiveness can lessen its grip on you and help you focus on other, more positive parts of your life. Forgiveness shows compassion for the one who hurt you. It doesn’t justify what they did or remove their personal responsibility for their action but forgiveness releases your emotional pain and allows you to have peace of mind and more forward.

Try filling in the blanks if you’re trying to forgive someone. I forgive _________ for ________ and I set myself free.

See yourself flying away from the situation like and dove in the air gracefully flying out to sea. If any residual emotion comes up let it drop into the ocean to be washed away by the waves. I use this technique anytime anything bothers me…I just send it out to sea.

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