T E C H + M E N T A L ♥ H EA L T H

​​​​​​​{photo of meditator courtesy of Evenflow} This week we are focusing on Mental Health Awareness Month! We don’t always make the space to process our emotions and share our truth with ourselves or people we trust. These experiences can compound and express themselves in unhealthy ways later on. It’s also easy to mask ourselves with the portrayal of perceived perfection, and…

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GT’S #InFullBloom

“Love is an incredibly powerful force; that’s why we must treat ourselves, our minds and our bodies, with such great care – something I know first hand. I used to be a competitive track & field athlete. An unfortunate injury led me to discovering yoga, which taught me to look at myself and the world in a new way. ⠀…

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V E G A N ♥ R I S O T T O  

V E G A N ♥ R I S O T T O   I’m so happy to see quinoa’s popularity rise up to be the go-to grain for healthy living. I can find it in almost any major city I travel to! I love quinoa because, boasting all eight essential amino acids and a low glycemic index, it’s a superfood! It slides…

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