Notes from a New Meditator

Before embarking on this journey of self-care through yoga and meditation, I had no idea what meditation was let alone how to actually do it. “Sit.” “Breathe.” “Let your thoughts go.” Well, I could sit and I could breathe, but let my thoughts go? How in the world do you just stop thinking? Spoiler: you don’t! It turns out I…

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The Best Beginner Tips for Veganism

If you’ve recently made the decision to go vegan, congratulations! Sometimes taking that first step can be the most difficult part of the journey, however, we can assure you that this is a transition you will be grateful for making. When you first make the switch, things can feel pretty overwhelming to say the least. You might not know where…

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Part 1: Discovering Self Love

Part 1: Discovering Self Love  People often look at my Instagram and assume that I have it all together. The truth is, just like a lot of people, self-love hasn’t always been easy. It’s a practice I consciously work at each day. For the first time in my Getting Loved Up column, I wanted to share a bit more about…

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