Graciousness And Curried Applewood Sandwich

Graciousness “Be pretty if you can. Be witty if you must. But be gracious if it kills you.” -Elsie De Wolfe. You are what you attract. Being gracious has awarded me so many opportunities. From the Get Loved Up app to my yoga practice, everything I do is intentional. Comment below with a story of how graciousness has helped you write…

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Authenticity And Super Food Brownies

Dignity “Authenticity requires vulnerability, transparency and integrity.” -Janet Louise Stephenson Authenticity is everything! It may be challenging to maintain but it will certainly be worth it. Think back over your life and identify one area that could use a bit more of your authenticity. Then, reply to this email with one or two ways that you plan to practice and…

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Dignity And Mango Magic Smoothie

Dignity “The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within – strength, courage, dignity.” -Ruby Dee Since the beginning, I’ve always wanted to be a woman of integrity and dignity. When I interact with others, I strive to ensure that people leave better than how I found them. Reply to this email and let…

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