Maintaining your practice while traveling

As organized as you might be, it can be tricky to keep up with your at home routine when you travel. It’s all a matter of willpower and creating travel habits. You see, when you travel, everything is new, you suddenly have a thousand things to do and see, and you make yourself believe you don’t have time to meditate…

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Get To Know Our Woman Crush This Week – Chelsea Williams!

Name: Chelsea Williams, MPH, CCPH IG: @ThatsChelsea Chelsea Williams is the founder of , an “all things wellness” blog that teaches women how to live a more mindful lifestyle through a plant-based diet and non-toxic cosmetics. Chelsea has dealt with the challenges of both Graves Disease and Hypothyroidism throughout most of her life. After many years of struggling with…

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5 Foods That Give You Super(wo)man Energy

You might have felt how, depending on the foods you eat, you feel like some days you could conquer the world and others you just want to watch Netflix. And although it might be also related with your stress, the types of food you eat play a big role on your energy levels. So if you want to become a…

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