Why You Should Walk A Mile A Day

Your grandma can do it, I can do it and so can you. You might tell yourself that you are out of shape or that you are not athletic and use those as excuses to skip working out. That’s why running a mile a day is so perfect! It’s something suited for everyone and it will get your blood pumping….

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What are your core values?

It’s already day 4 and I think its time for some introspection. Today I have an important question to ask you: Which values have you taught yourself and which values did you acquire through family or your general environment? Values are something very sensitive, we might grow up being taught the right ones or the wrong ones, and it is…

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4 Tips To Ensure You’re Hydrated…

How much water do you drink in a day? Sometimes we take water for granted since it’s so readily available and we drink a variety of other drinks such as sodas and alcohol. We forget that we’re mainly made of water and how critical it is that we have enough of it on a daily basis. Not drinking enough water…

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