4 ways to veganize your Halloween!

Are you ready for Halloween? You don’t need to avoid this festivity because of its unhealthy nature, turn it around and make it healthy & vegan! Here are four ideas you can use for your Halloween party to keep it good for the body: Sweets are a must Who says you can’t have sugar? Instead of getting the typical candy, just…

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10 affirmations to kick off your week

Do you believe in the phrase you are what you think? That means that life stems from our thoughts. Not just thoughts, but thoughts translated into actions to manifest our intentions. In order to do so, we have to be careful with the words we use and chose to speak those which work towards our benefits. That’s why affirmations are so…

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7 yoga poses for the travelling yogi

As a travelling yogi, one of my biggest challenges is to find the time and space to get my practice when I’m in between flights and cab rides. And especially after long plane rides, some parts of my body can get really stiff and yoga gets them back into their place, so I came up with a small list of…

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