Why You Should Use Food as Medicine

Using food as medicine is something that I practice every day and after years of being on the plant-based diet, I am a firm believer in. The nutrients that are stored in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are enough to sustain our bodies and they truly have the power to heal us from sickness. Many people are already familiar…

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3 Soy-Product Foods to Add to Your Kitchen

In a plant-based world, soy is a common ingredient found in so many food products that are available to eat. It is the basis that makes up a lot of meat and dairy alternatives, and can really make your transition into a plant-based diet a lot smoother. However, soy does have its pros and cons and carries a bit of…

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3 Advanced Yoga Poses to Master

Earlier, I shared three beginner yoga poses with you that I felt were essential to master in order to advance your practice further. Today, I want to challenge you to dig a little deeper and provide three yoga poses to try that are a bit more advanced. The poses I want to talk about today are: Garland pose, Eagle pose,…

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