How Did You Discover Yoga?

How did you discover yoga? I feel like yoga comes to us in weird ways, but when we need it the most. Yoga came to me as a gift, a painful gift that I didn’t want to open. I remember my first class…I cried. I was a track and field athlete in college who put my body through everything it…

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What’s In Your Love Bank?

How much do you invest in yourself? And I don’t mean it in matters of money, although it is also important, but in matters of living the life you want. I learned about the “Love bank” concept a while back when I was still in college and it’s something that really stuck with me and I believe it can help…

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Total Body Care

What rituals do you follow to take care of your entire body? Remind yourself that your body is what will carry your soul and essence while you are on earth, so the better you treat it the longer you will get to enjoy life to the fullest! First of all, you should have one or various activities that engage your…

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