Stay Connected

When was the last time you stayed open for new connection opportunities? It’s pretty possible that amazing people came into your life thanks to that. That’s why it’s important to always look out to connect with others. Don’t be afraid of the people around you for they may hold awesome opportunities you could only dream of. A job, a friendship,…

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Nutrition 101

How do you chose to fuel your body? In the past I studied with IIN researching the worlds most popular diets to see why they work and don’t work. With all the research I’ve done, for my optimal health and the health of our planet, I chose to enjoy a vegan plant based diet. In the beginning, this journey was…

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Go outside and play!

You thought playing is something just meant for kids? Well, it is if you want to live a boring life. If not, keep on reading! Playing with your romantic partner, co-workers, pets, friends, and children is a fun way to fuel your imagination, creativity and improve your mental health. Actively playing daily will not only improve your own mood and…

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