Nutrition 101

How do you chose to fuel your body?

In the past I studied with IIN researching the worlds most popular diets to see why they work and don’t work. With all the research I’ve done, for my optimal health and the health of our planet, I chose to enjoy a vegan plant based diet.

In the beginning, this journey was NOT easy. As a southern athlete I ate everything that was put in front of me. My mom cooked at home so I consumed less processed food until I went to college where I put the “freshman 15” to shame with a whopping 25lb weight gain.

I was also an athlete so most of the weight was muscle but I started to experience health issues because of the quality of
food I was consuming.

When I stopped eating processed food I saw my health increase dramatically. When I started eating more fruits and veggies I saw another improvement.

Finally when I decided to go completely vegan the amount of energy, vitality and clarity I continue experience daily blows my mind. I don’t feel bloated and my days are much more productive since I only need to sleep like about 6 hours to feel fresh again.

How are you holding up these 28 days being a vegan?

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