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Tara Raucci | Get Loved Up Testimonial 

Koya Webb’s Get Loved Up 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training was the perfect way to begin my new year. I had very specific goals for 2018 and Koya fit the bill. She has the heart of a champion and over the 10 years I have known her she remains consistent in personal development, health, wellness and being an overall warrior who makes things happen. 2018 was about surrounding myself with people who are striving to live healthy balanced creative lives and pushing themselves to be their absolute best while also serving their community to help others. No excuses! Koya did not disappoint. She poured her heart and soul into each and every GLU YTT participant and was beyond generous to share not only her knowledge and expertise in all things yoga, fitness, meditation and vegan eating but also social media advice and beyond. She truly gave all she could. She cares deeply about helping others and the planet. Thank you Koya for being part of my path and helping me claim more of who I am becoming. I support you 100% and wish you infinite success in every area of lif,e which you absolutely deserve for all you give. I got your back!

Lauren Ash | Get Loved Up Testimonial 

Koya Webb’s Get Loved Up 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training was nothing but divine timing in my life. I’ve been teaching yoga for three years and have been cultivating a growing global platform that centers women of color in wellness. It was my intention to complete another yoga teacher training before the end of 2017 as a means of coming back to myself and my purpose for starting the journey that I have been on for the past three years. From the first day, this experience was everything I needed. This is a very layered, multidimensional experience—from learning anatomy and reviewing Sanskrit to practice teaching and exploring different ways to sequence our classes, I’m amazed at how much we were able to get through during this immersion-style training.


What sets this apart from so many other YTT’s is the plant-based component. I’m grateful to feel empowered from our nutrition curriculum, plant-based lifestyle conversations, and daily meal preparations to continue living a plant-based lifestyle, which I was never certain I could commit to previously! Other perks of this YTT include the long-lasting relationships I’ve cultivated a deeper understanding of holistic wellness, daily self-care rituals I’ve established that will continue beyond this training, amazing visitors who came to connect with us about spirituality, the wellness industry, and more!


Jazmin Porter | Get Loved Up Testimonial 

Training began with a detox diet that didn’t include food for 5 days. I have never been more focused, energetic, and aware in my life. It was a process of purification physically and emotionally. Living day in and day out with Koya truly showed me the difference between mediocracy and excellence. Just to name a few lessons; how to set the body’s natural clock, maximizing daytime productivity, nutrition, yoga class structure, yoga history, medical medium material, social media, Thai massage, how to play a singing bowl, vegan meal prep, manifestation, self discipline, feminine energy, business management, personal practice, physical endurance, the importance of community, patience, a deeper connection within my own spirituality, and so much more! I was guided so gracefully into my own style of instructing with her 13 years of expertise.

The past two weeks have been pure magic. I have officially been “loved up”; up several levels in my ascension. You opened your arms and your home with intentions of opening my mind and spirit. You’ve opened the floodgates to opportunity. Words can not express my gratitude. I am forever changed and forever grateful to have met you. You inspire and connect so many. Thank you for teaching me the difference between mediocrity and excellence in all aspects of life. I wish nothing but success to you in all of your endeavors. If there is anything you ever need in this life, you have my infinite support. I absolutely love you. I am officially a @getlovedup certified RYT 200hr instructor


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