I’ll be a part of the following events this year in 2017 and hope to see your there!

4/9: Wanderlust 108 in Atlanta, GA

4/15: Wanderlust 108 in San Diego, CA

4/25: Beloved Pop-Up Yoga in New York City

Hey, New York! Join me and the amazing Latham Thomas TONIGHT (4/25) for a FREE class exploring movement, meditation and community. Although this is a free offering, if interested, you can make a donation and all proceeds will benefit GEMSGIRLS – a nonprofit organization that provides education and mentoring services for young women who have been victims of trafficking. Hope to see you there!

5/3-5/9: The Runaway Experience in Bali

5/12: Master Class in Chicago, IL

5/13: Wanderlust 108 in Chicago, IL

5/26-5/28: Yoga Games Sweden

6/2-4 Vivea Experience in Barcelona, Spain

Get Loved Up Transformational Holistic Health and Yoga Workshop with Koya Webb

A holistic approach to yoga, healing and transforming your mind, body, and spirit Workshop includes 30mins Vinyasa flow, 60mins AcroYoga, and 10 mins Meditation. 30 mins Holistic Health, Nutrition and Life Transformation. Bring your questions, goals, and biggest ambitions and watch them come to life!

7/8-7/15: 8 Days of Yoga, Inspiration and Joy in Puerto Vallarta, MX

7/15: Wanderlust 108 in Denver, CO

7/21-7/24: GLU Retreat LA – TBA

8/16-8/21: Udaya Live in Pravets, Bulgaria

9/7-9/11 Holistic Healing Yoga Retreat in Jamaica

9/16: Wanderlust in Nashville, TN – TBA

10/14: Wanderlust in Houston, TX – TBA

10/21: Wanderlust in Miami, FL – TBA

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