Got Energy?

Modern life can be exhausting. I just heard a new stat that over 40% of doctor’s visits are due to fatigue. Low energy levels are quickly becoming an epidemic.

Have you been struggling with fatigue?

If you have, then strap in, because I have something truly incredible to share with you that may just blow you away. For the last two years, my friend Ari Whitten has been teaming up with the brightest minds in the world on the subject of overcoming fatigue and increasing energy levels – I’m talking renowned scientists, physicians, nutrition experts, etc. – and scouring thousands of scientific studies…

All in the pursuit of creating the world’s first science-based BLUEPRINT for energy enhancement.

He’s finally done, and he’s releasing it to the world…

And guess what? Right now, starting today, he’s offering a 100% FREE “Energy Blueprint” virtual training!

But be aware, this training will only be open for about 10 days, and then it’s shutting down. So…

If you’re looking for the latest cutting-edge science to overcome fatigue… to prevent dozens of diseases…

take your performance to new heights…

and get your energy back…

Then this free video training is simply MUST-WATCH material.

CLICK HERE to watch Video 1 of the free training right now.

I just finished watching the first video, and it’s fabulous. I’m so excited to share it with you.

In the first part he lays out the problem—not only are we suffering, as a population, from exhaustion and fatigue, but until now, there has not a single helpful science-based program or source of information out there in the world about it.

In the second half of the video he outlines the TWO MAIN KEYS to increasing energy.

And you know what?

I’ve never heard anyone else talking about either of them.


But now that I have, my entire framework for understanding my energy levels has shifted.

Plus, he’s giving you two practical, actionable strategies that you can start using to build your energy TODAY.

You’ve got to check this out. (This is NOT the same old stuff you’ve heard before).

Yes, you’ll need to put in your email address to get access. But that’s cool—Ari’s information is top-notch, ALWAYS.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of dramatically increasing my energy levels is pretty exciting to me. What do you say? Let’s do this!

>>> Click here to watch the video now. <<<

Get To Know Our Man Crush Monday – Torre Washington

Name: Torre Washington

Torre (IG: Torre.Washington) is a six time winning all natural body builder and holds pro cards with four distinct body bodybuilding organizations. He has been vegan since 1998 and is 100% supplement free.

Torre advocates for veganism to his global fan base and brings to light the plight of animals and the need to heal mother earth and our bodies through living the vegan lifestyle.

We love Torre because he is a fellow advocate of veganism. He’s been on the journey for almost 20 years and helps others build solid gains through veganism as well. Lastly, he understands the importance of taking care of himself, so that he can care of others. As such, he shared three ways that he practices self-love.

Read them below!

1. Nutrition From Plants

When it comes to being vegan, there are a number of ‘methods’ that some people tend to stick to as if it was a gospel, and at times, they may even push their agenda on others as if their way of eating is the only way. So with that being said, I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. I eat anything that’s vegan. Those who know me see that I cater to my sweet tooth in moderation, vegan donuts in particular. Good nutrition is a key element to good health and having a normal relationship with food is especially important for an athlete. However indulging in moderation is a vegan pleasure I partake in.

2. Physical Exercise

Many people want instant gratification, and this leads to disappointment and setbacks that are often worse than the starting point. The goal should be about maintaining this lifestyle indefinitely. Natural bodybuilding has longevity, whereas impatience can cause yo-yo dieting.

3. Mental Affirmations and Kindness Towards Others

This one is simple. You receive the energy that you put out. Be kind to others and they will be kind to you.

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Get To Know Latham Thomas – Our Women Crush Wednesday!

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting men and women who serve as our Women Crush Wednesdays (#WCW) and Man Crush Mondays (#MCM). Get to know our first #WCW below:
Name: Latham Thomas
Latham Thomas (IG: @GlowMaven) is a doula, yogi and women’s wellness expert, founder of lifestyle brand @MamaGlow and author of bestselling book on pregnancy, Mama Glow and forthcoming book, OWN YOUR GLOW: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living And Crowning The Queen Within. She lives in NYC.
We love Latham because she is a fellow advocate of holistic health & wellness. She understands the importance of taking care of herself, so that she can take care of others. As such, she shared three “glow” tips that she has for self-love.
Read them below!
You need to be able to distinguish between what to allow into your realm and what needs to stay outside. Create boundaries in the workplace, at home, and in relationships. Women have inherited a legacy of taking on more than we can handle; we must activate the power of the word no. Pleasing others at the expense of ourselves is a habit that you must commit to challenge. Practice saying no.
That’s right, nap time is no longer for toddlers. When we take naps, we create space for our dreams. We allow the body to recover from the stress of our day and accelerated living. If you’re too busy during the week to take an 8-to-20-minute nap, set aside some time on the weekend to tuck yourself into your bed or find a nice cozy resting space, put your legs up the wall for leg drain and catch some Zs.
Remember how much fun it was to get your feet dirty and play outside as kids? I love to get outside and garden and sink my feet into the nutritive soil. Soil has micro-organisms, minerals, immune factor and provides an electromagnetic charge that calibrates the body’s electric charge. The earth grounds us. If you live in a city, you can practice this in parks where there is open space and un-treated grass.
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