Stay away from being ineffective by scheduling!

Time is the most valuable asset we have and a lot of times we don’t realize how inefficiently we use it or even waste it. As a result, we take on tasks inefficiently and let the rest of our life fall in between the gaps.

Successful people know how important every minute of their day is and they are able to schedule their time in a strategic way to maximize their efficiency and productivity. You will have no time to procrastinate when you realize how tight your schedule actually is!

That’s why they start their day by scheduling every last minute of it! Some say this takes out the fun in life, but it actually makes life more fun because you don’t have to be worrying about how to make everything fit into your day or week.

First, start off by having everything organised and scheduled in one same place, like a physical planner. It’s no use if you schedule two meetings for the same time in different apps or planners, get one that rules them all and carry it always with you. This way, the information will be not as spread out and you will have a better overview on how busy you are.

Now, remember to keep it real! If you include 1 hour of meditation into it everyday when you are completely aware that you won’t spend that much time meditating, just don’t. You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody. If you want to start meditating for example, be realistic and give yourself 10 minutes a day to start with.

Then, find your method! Some need to write down all the small steps that make their way to the final task, others need to put colors and underline things, while the rest need to be crossing out anything they have already finished. We all have our way of organising ourselves to be effective, so try out a few different methods to find or even create your own.

For better results, include it into your routine early in the morning. I usually do it while waiting for breakfast to be ready. The reason behind this is that you will have a more clear vision of how your day is going to look like, especially if you know you have a lot to do. It will get the worry and anxiety out of your system while you enjoy your morning cup of tea.

And last but not least, don’t panic when things don’t go according to the plan. The better the schedule, the more effective you will be on managing last minute changes that can (and will) happen. It’s easy to get anxious and blocked when things don’t go the way we want them to, but that doesn’t mean the end of the world, you just have to be good at rescheduling as well! And the more unexpected things happen to you, the better you will get. Don’t worry, the universe will always be there to challenge you!

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Meet Deliciously Ella, our Woman Crush this Wednesday!

Ella Mills is the founder of Deliciously Ella, best-selling author and owner of Deliciously Ella Deli’s in London as well as a line of retail products. Her newest cookbook, Natural Feasts: 100+ Healthy, Plant-Based Recipes to Share and Enjoy with Friends and Family (Deliciously Ella) just launched in the US in October! Ella’s personal journey of how eating well healed a debilitating illness inspired her to begin sharing her healthy and delicious recipes with others. The original recipes in Natural Feasts offer a fresh spin on plant-based meals and make it easy to incorporate it into your daily routine. Ella’s delicious meals and approachable personality have garnered her a engaged social media following with over 1.1 million Instagram followers.

How Ella practices Self-Love

• I try to take a minute for myself every day, no matter how busy things are. During the week I go to a 6.30am yoga class, it sets me up for the day and helps me create a really positive outlook
• I cook, I love cooking. I find it so relaxing and love turning simple ingredients into something special. It’s even better when it’s shared with friends and family
• I do something I’m passionate about. I feel so incredibly lucky to work in an area that I’m so passionate about, and although stressful at times, building a growing company is incredibly exciting.

Meet John Lewis, our Man Crush this Monday!

As a well renowned fitness expert, John Lewis has spent over a decade in the health and fitness industry and played Division I College basketball. John is highly passionate about not only his own health and fitness, but that of others as well… Which are evident through his motivational messages either through his public speaking engagements around the world or simply through his social media outlets.

John is co-owner of the amazing brand VeganSmart, an all in one plant based meal replacement… he is one of the busiest entrepreneurs you will find… he also owns an apparel company, a gaming app company, book writing and his newest project which is his co producer/co director role in his upcoming documentary dealing with food injustice and food deserts through the lens of Hip Hop.
John strives to educate the world on living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and he takes great pride in transforming individuals physically, mentally and MOST OF ALL… spiritually. After all, it is said, that one’s success is based on how one feels about themselves.

How he practices self-love:

Staying in shape,

Eating Vegan,

Daily Naps.

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