3 Tips For Managing A Busy Schedule

As adults, we wear many hats! We are parents, spouses, professionals, siblings, volunteers and more. Can it be overwhelming at times? Absolutely. However, it’s worth it.

If you need help managing your busy schedule, I’m here to help!

Below are three tips that I recommend implementing within your busy schedule:

1. Make a daily list of 3-5 things you want to get accomplished

Lists can be scary but not if you keep them simple. Instead of listing everything that you want to do, focus your efforts on the top 3-5 things you want to get done. That way, you can direct your full energy to giving your all to each task.

2. Work in time blocks

Schedule your tasks and guestimate how long it will take to complete each task. That way, you can factor in breaks for calls, food, water or bio breaks. All of which are extremely important!

3. Prioritize tasks

Prioritizing your tasks can help you figure out what to tackle first. If you are most productive in the morning, that’s the best time to get the most difficult tasks done. If you aren’t, then you might want to do a “menial” task that doesn’t require much effort.

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